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First revealed at E3 2012 and co-developed by Namco, the fourth Smash Bros is due on Wii U in 2014. Simultaneously developed on Wii U and 3DS, the two games will share character rosters but feature different stages drawn from the hardware they represent. The Wii U version will be home to stages inspired by previous home console titles, while the 3DS version uses handheld games as the basis for its own stages.

Series Creator Masuhiro Sakurai posts a picture every day on Miiverse and Nintendo's Facebook page. Some of the images are just for fun or used to commemorate events, but at least one pic per week will reveal something a little more substantial, like an Item, Assist Trophy, Stage, gameplay addition, or even new fighters.

New characters have been revealed slowly, and usually during a Nintendo Direct or E3 presentation. So far, the roster contains 28 fighters.

Returning Characters:
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Toon Link
Zero Suit Samus
King Dedede
Fox McCloud
Olimar (Pikmin)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
Marth (Fire Emblem)

Animal Crossing Villager
Wii Fit Trainer (Male & Female)
Mega Man
Rosalina & Luma (Super Mario Galaxy)
Little Mac (Punch Out)
Greninja (Pokemon X&Y)

So far there have been 13 Stages shown off

3D Land (Mario 3D Land)
Arena Ferox (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Balloon Fight
Gerudo Valley (Zelda Ocarina of Time)
Living Room (Nintendogs)
Prism Tower (Pokemon X&Y)
Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7)
Reset Bomb Forest (Kid Icarus)
Spirit Train (Zelda Spirit Tracks)
Streetpass Quest
Tortimer Island (Animal Crossing)

Jungle Japes (returning from SSB Melee)


First Reveal Trailer

Wii Fit Trainer joins the battle!

The blue bomber makes his debut

Sonic returns

Introducing Rosalina
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Little Mac punches in:

Nintendo Direct 8th April

- 3DS version is due out in the summer, with the Wii U to follow in winter 2014
- Online multiplayer is split into @For Fun' and 'For Glory'
- 'For Fun' allows you to play friends and randoms on any of the stages, with items switched on. It records all your wins/losses.
- 'For Glory' restricts games to Final Destination only, without items.
- The Final Destination stage uses graphics/backgrounds from other stages to create a bit more variety.
- Instead of ranking based on wins/losses, players are ranked by scores attained in single-player modes.
- Players will be matched based on skill somehow, but unknown if this is based on win/loss record or scores
- Alternate characters like Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are now seperate characters with expanded movesets.
- Custom moveset can be used for all characters, but Sakurai will spill more details at a later date.
- 3DS has exclusive Smash Run mode. Four players battle through a Metroidvania style dungeon defeating enemies and collecting items that raise stats (attack, defense, jump, speed etc.). After a set time they then battle, keeping all the stat boosts they gained in the run.
- Charizard and Greninja have joined the roster. Probably means Pokemon Trainer won't be returning.


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So how many people planning on picking this up and then the wii u version at end of year??od told myself I'll avoid the 3ds version so I'm excited when the wii u version is released!bit now the release for this is only 4 weeks away in thinking I might get it!

Only doubt I have is I have playstation all stars for vita and it just didn't feel right on handheld(I know you can't compare the two,but same type of game)!

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I'm getting both, but the Wii U version is the one I'm really looking forward to. I don't think the circle pad is up to scratch on the 3DS for a game like this but I'm willing to give it a try, just because I've always wanted a portable entry in the series.

If you get both you can get a special 2-disc soundtrack collection if you register them with Club Nintendo.


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I'm pretty much looking at it like you!Wii U version is the format in really after,though smash run looks good idea and some on the 3ds only stages look pretty good!

As for the 2-Disc soundtrack,that shall be going straight on Flea-Bay!have no interest for that,hopefully some Nintendo Nuts wanna pay stupid money for it,ha!


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Another thing I'm wary over is do people think the ads screen gonna be too small for this?can't really justify upgrading to a ads xl for just 1 game!


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Hundreds of codes on eBay! Bigger fool people for buying them - the demo is out for all next week - just wait!


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Cannot wait for this game now after playing the demo!had more fun on the demo of this than I did with full retail of playstation all stars!just goes to show you can't just copy a game and it be a success!


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Fill yer boots!



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