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Sadly, it's a load of cobblers.
The sixaxis doesn't work at all well.


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Is It Free?


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i love it i bought it before i got the demo and wifey loves it.

I love it too tbh i thought the sizaxis is spot on but i can work flow like anything bit everyone else cant get it :)

Sweeeeeeet little game
quack quack


I love it - the sixaxis works just fine, it's the water physics that makes it harder, especially when jumping.

I've become addicted, the fun part is beating the times and I have 3 world records so far. :thumbsup:

#1 on Hard Tub 1
#1 on Easy Tub 1 & 2


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This game is excellent :) I had looked forward to this since downloading the movie preview last week on the US store, was surprised to see it available so soon.

Sixaxis is working perfectly, a very addictive game.

Tony Hoyle

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Can't get the damned thing to work. Downloaded it twice.. just get error 80010006 when I try to run it.


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yea u need to download the starter pack from the demo section.

same thing happend to me with lemmings.:rolleyes:


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i love it (I admit it!!) - although it gets a bit tricky once you start getting flows in the water - my poor baby ducks were all over the place lol


audi doody

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Just spent an hour on this,made a nice break from my usaul games,whether i tire of it soon am not sure but it was fun for the last hour! worth £3.49 and a good use of the controller, shall have another go later and see if its got replay value for me....


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Anyone who doesn't like it has no sense of humour :D

Ok i must be baron of humour then :) I can see my god son loving it but he is only 5 years old.It is too cutesy for me,and very basic.I cannot see anything amusing about it though,maybe i am getting old and boring :rolleyes:


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I think it's great - first game I've played that puts the 6axis to good use... Must confess (having not bothered to read the "help" screen) it took me a while to figure out how to jump, but once I did there was no stopping me. Not the sort of game I could play or hours on end (due to the control method) but great fun in short bursts. :smashin:

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Quite enjoying this game, downloaded it last night. The Sixaxis is nowhere near as responsive as the Wii remote (rollgoal on Zelda is a good comparison) but its a nice little, and cheap.


Just downloaded the demo and love it, definately be getting the full game now. I agree that the Sixaxis is not as responsive as the Wii remote and that took a good bit of adjusting to at first but once you get used to it its great fun. Can see my missus and son loving this too.:thumbsup:


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More tubs, and an online leaderboard I think.

To those criticising the controller, dont forget the game has "water physics" apparently - so the controls are affected by that too!


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60 tubs in total if you purchase the game. A bargain for £3.49
what people are forgetting, its not a bargain at 3.49 cos actually u have to pay 5 quid to get it haha its soooo annoying, ive got like 1.50 on my account now, so why the hell do i have to put £5.00 just to use £1.50 of it! this needs sorting big time, ripping us off good style!

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