Super Monkey Ball ADV 29


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As in the title:


Any advice on how to do this level?:eek:

edited because i lied about the level......i managed ADV 29 but ADV 30 is doing my nut in!


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Completed this months ago but just fired it up again for you Steve ;).

Took me 4 goes again to do Advanced 30 and here's how. You have to be quick of the mark.

As soon as the level starts, knock the control stick a slight nudge to the right (about 30 degrees from North) and head straight on to the first platform. Don't dilly-dally here though as you have to keep moving, straight on to the second platform and then 3rd. These 3 will all be in place at the right time if you were quick to start. On the 3rd platform, the fourth will be coming round with the bumper on it. Wait for the bumper area to pass and get straight on to it.

Calm those nerves as you're nearly there. If you have managed to stay on the 4th platform get ready to jump straight on to the 5th which is a little tiney one going very fast. You must get on the the fifth on it's first pass as if you do, the 6th will be in place also. So you will be going straight from the 4th to the 5th and on to the 6th without hesitating. You have a bit of leeway on the 6th before heading to the final goal. Pause the game if necessary and calm yourself again. The last platform before the goal is longer but moving very fast. as soon as you see it coming, line your angle up with the goal and just shoot straight agross.

Simple :).


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Cheers groundy.......

I like this bit! :D

Originally posted by groundy
Pause the game if necessary and calm yourself again.

But i think i'll be pausing it a lot on this level! It's another adv15! ;)


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Advanced 15 was horrible - that level stopped me playing the game completely for about two months.

It all gets easier when you get the Infinite Continues. You can get these by getting as high a score as possible, i.e. complete Beginner without continuing and do the Beginner Extra levels and you should get them.

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