Super Monkey Ball 2 - Got it!


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Apr 27, 2001
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Morning all,

Well the postman just delivered SMB2 (had it on preorder with GoblinGames in the UK).

Have to do some work right now unfortunately but looking at the box it looks like fun!

Will try and get back later with some comments.

It's great - a huge leap forward over the first game (especially graphics wise) but gets difficult a lot sooner.

Another few weeks of addiction ahead ;).
Hmm... Its probably good that I don't have this title yet.. Mainly because I have Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil, Mario Sunshine (once it arrives >_<) to complete fully and a few new animés to watch. Mind you I'm just going to be tempted to click on that "buy now" button....
Just completed Eternal Darkness tonight - slightly dissappointing ending as the challenge wasn't anywhere near as tough as some of the previous bosses in the game. The ending also leaves a lot to be desired. Still a great game though.
Im quite impressed with SMB2....

Some of the games have improved a fair bit... I think Monkey Target is better now... although with several monkeys flying at once it can be confusing!

Not sure I like the changes to Monkey Golf... although havnt played it enough yet...

The g/f and I have managed to unlock 2 new games so far... Monkey Boat and Monkey Shot... both good fun although Monkey Boat takes some practice!

The main game is as a little better as well I think...

Level 12 on advanced is driving me insane already!

And I wont even mention Expert!

Overall a very worthwhile purchase... infact the two SMB games are the only games I play on the Cube... everything else has been a little disappointing...


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