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super cheap used Adcom amp......

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Greg in OKLA, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Greg in OKLA

    Greg in OKLA

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    Hey guys!! Just had to share the great deal I found on a old
    Adcom amp yesterday.local stereo shop was having an open house this weekend to get of some of their older floor /demo stuff.I was just walking around checking out all the neat high end stuff,and one of the sales guys that knows i'm a sucker for good used stuff:D ,mentioned that they had an OLD, 90's, Adcom amp they got in on a trade.This place doesnt do much used,so this amp was just in their way.He opened up a cabinat and pulled
    out an Adcom GFA 6000,a 5 channel from old Pro Logic days,
    100W on the front 3 channels,60W on the rear 2.Beautiful shape,no scratchs,dings etc,just dusty.Guy said $100 would buy it.Funny,I have been cking out 3 channel amps to go with my Rotel 1070 ,to add for the center channel and rears.Needless to say,its now hooked up and playing at my house,works perfect:clap:

    Going back this afternoon to see what else is laying around there.:clap:


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