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I bought the Sony DVP-NC875V/B DVD/CD Player and purchased Young Mystic album by Bob Marley (hybrid). I cannot get my player to play the CD in SA.

I have triple checked how I set the system up to my amp (Sony STR-DE597), read the instructions for playing a SACD, but still no luck. I am pretty frustrated and just want to listen to my SACD.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc.?


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Are you using the right kind of cables? I think for the CD part of a SACD any analogue or even digital cable would work, but im not sure about your set up without looking at it. Just try a few different cables untill you get it to work.
Other thing could be that the SACD you bought might not have any CD tracks, only SACD tracks which only work with analogue 5.1 cables. SACDs dont work with digital cables like coaxial or optical. Sony did recently announce that they would allow the format to work with a digital cable, but there are no players out yet that support this.


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Two things

Unless your player & amp are connected by firewire the player will not pass the SACD digitally. It will not let you use coax or toslink for SACD playback (only CD or DVD). You will have to listen to SACD by using analogue outs from your DVD player to the Ext Analogue Inputs on the amp & then select these on the amp for playback.

If still no joy your DVD player is probably set up to play the CD layer of hybrid discs not SACD player. For this you will have to go into the DVD players menu & look it up. Generally you should have a choice of choosing CD, SACD Stereo, SACD Multi. The player will then search for this layer on insertion of a SACD disc first.


Thanks for the answers. I have a bit more information which might help.

According to the manufacturer's instructions, from the DVD/CD player, the Audio Line Out jacks need to be hooked up to the Audio Input (SA-CD/CD) jacks on my receiver. Additionally, from the DVD/CD player, the Digital Out (Optical cord) needs to be hooked up to the Digital input on my Amp (which is labeled SA-CD/CD in).

There is a note on the receiver (Sony STR-DE597) instructions - "The sound is not output when you play a Super Audio CD on the Super Audio CD player to the SA-CD/CD Optical In jack on this receiver. Connect to the analog input jacks (SA-CD/CD In jacks)."

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