Super £3.99


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Shut up crime!

Ace film.


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Super is £2.99 in ThatsEntertainment! I was in the Newcastle store today.

I got it for £2.50 as its in the 2 for a fiver deal! now thats a bargain!


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Sounds like they have added some new titles. What else have they got in the offer mate?


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Yup they added a fair few. I went for silly action haha

in the 2 for a fiver I got Super

BunRaku (pretty recent release) - The Sin City copy looking film, hey its got Ron Rearlman so that fine with me.

Blood + Bone - Michael J White apparently good fight film.

The Mercenary - Danny Trejo + Gary Daniels! can one film contain them haha

Saw a bunch more, but I owned them or didnt want so hard to remember. Will be back and look I am sure :)


RT is hardly a site I take seriously.

Mine came today and it doesn't have a slip anymore. It was one of those with the top bit missing anyway which I don't like.

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