Sunshine - Why no Blu-ray Disc


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Although I was slightly disappointed by the film (had high hopes) and it was just decent, i'm betting it'll look fantastic in HD.

Anyone know what the HD market is like in Switzerland as that's about the only place that it could possibly show up on HD-DVD:suicide:, for the time being at least.:rolleyes:


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When is 28 weeks later being released on Blu Ray in the UK? I'm kinda of bummed about the UK releasing movies on Blu only after DVD.I'm not buying it twice.


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The most annoying aspect of Sunshine not getting a UK day and date Blu Ray release is that a Blu Ray release is getting day and date in Japan next week so it is certainly ready!

This is the biggest problem IMO with the HD release schedule, too many releases of older films (the fugitive anyone? great movie but not an essential HD purchase I think) at the expense of new movies being delayed on BluRay, as Ramalho says, I aint buying it twice.

Movie companies treat you like a cash cow with an unlimited supply of funds and then they wonder why people turn to BitTorrent! (not supporting piracy, just making a point about why some people turn to it).

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