Sunlite room, 12m away from Screen


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Hi Everyone,

Long time, lurker and first time poster here in need of help.

I'm trying to figure out which lense would be best for my project.

I'm setting up a projector in a large sunlite room in which the projector has to be exactly 12 metres away from the screen. I've been advised that this projector should do a good job Sanyo PLC-XM100L Professional LCD Projector 1000:1 5000 Lumens 1024 x 768 (XGA) 8.9kg CBID:417569

The screen has to fit onto a 2.3m high and 5m wide screen.

This is the lense I was recommended

I was using this calculator, but it doesn't seem to come up so well.
The Projector will be used for the regular, presentations and video would be great too as long as it's not too much more expensive than what has already been specced.

Thanks for any advice or comments

I want to buy the equipment new, so no second hand ideas please :)
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Would really appreciate any kind of advice here.

I tried out the calculator on the Sanyo website and it geave me conflicting results, tried it with another website and both were only telling me one thing in common, that the lense I would need to buy would cost around £1,200. Which is a big step up from the £250 LNS-S20.

Also, I've been informed for some reason that the picture will be in 4:3 aspect ratio.



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Hi Effluo

Sanyo produce the PLC-WM4500 which is a WXGA 16:10 widescreen version of the PLC-XM100 (which is XGA 4:3) and is the same price and 4500 lumens.

Do you have control over the light in the room? If not the WM5500 at 5500 lumens may be more suitable but I would certainly look to get an evaluation unit to try in situ before committing to a purchase.

The screen you have mentioned is a very strange size - more or less 16:7 ratio so you are not going to fill it and it is the height that will dictate your limitations.

If the 2.3m height you have mentioned is correct then the following is achievable from a throw of 12m:

XM100 (or XM150) 3.07m x 2.3m
WM4500 (or WM5500) 3.68m x 2.3m

Both of these are achieved using an LNS-T20 lens (definitely not the LNS-S20)

I have price checked Ivojo as one source and they have the lens at £1100 (including VAT) the only alternative is to move the projector closer. Make sure you buy the L version of the projector (i.e. supplied without lens) so that you do not end up paying for a standard lens you do not need.

best of luck

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