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Aug 26, 2002
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Any one got one of these , im just buying a house off a chap who has one , its about the size of a rel quake , possibly smaller , but with a 2700 watt amp in it!! He says it goes down to 15htz with ease.
Originally posted by installer09
Any one got one of these , im just buying a house off a chap who has one , its about the size of a rel quake

4 inch cube then? are you sure it's not a Rubiks cube. Oh does the drive unit look suspiciously like a Q200E?
There was an article in the April 98 edition of What HiFi. the Sunfire has a 2700 watt amplifier with 2 drivers.
The review got 3 stars for sound and an overall verdict of 3 starts also, at the price of £1450 I do know someone who has a experience of this sub and he tells me it had to be bolted to the floor as it tended to move about. WHF said it was better for home cinema than music

I've got the Sunfire signature 11 incher.
Had it about 3 years(I think) I'd read about it in the USA mags who loved it.
The importer played it at one of the hifi shows at Heathrow in the hotel, all the other exhibitors complained ! So he was limited to 2 mins on the hour.
I tried the small Meridian and KEF THX then Sunfire.
I knew within seconds it was the pefect one.
Mine doesnt wobble across the floor(on carpet) but my mates used to on a hardwood floor.
Its just an awesome bass, its volume is barely turned up.

Can you get them in the UK? Is there a UK distributor? How much do they cost? How do they compare to the Velodyne HGS/SPL/CHT ranges? Cheers,


They were available, around £1300 I think maybe a bit cheaper.
I'll ring a guy and ask him. My mate was thinking of selling his, but he moved to a detached house so he's probably keeping it.

Bob Carvers Sunfire True subs have been around quite a while. For those that dont know, the True sub was the first 'High power small box sub'.

REL had a go at this with their tiny clones (sort of) but left out the high powered bit.

It's a one foot cube thats powered by a 2700 watt amp. The idea being of course that the high power will make up for the very small internal volume of the sub. While the 'True' has been fairly successful from a marketing perspective, they are far from the ideal sub. Having listened to these in two different systems, I consider it more a space saving option rather than an accurate means of offering good clean low end. Does it go low? Yep, not bad . Does it go loud? again yes. But as many will know, these qualitys are not the only criteria of a good sub. There's a little more to it than that. The true is unruly, untidy, lumpy and very fussy as to placement.
Its a tiny sub trying to be serious with a serious price tag to boot. I'm afraid it just doesn't cut it. I have never seen (or heard of) any of these in an audiophiles system. True (pun not intended) enthusiasts just wouldn't be happy with the performance this offers for its price. Just my opinion of course.

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