Sumvision Titan GX Player problems


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hi guys i wonder if anyone can help.

i have a umvision Titan GX Player.
HD has been formatted and films loaded on fine.
when i try to connect to the TV...

through VGA connection, it flashes between 2 different resolutions and the TV says that the correct mode cant be found (i can see the Sumvision menu screen between flashes so i know that it works)

through red/white/yellow connection, the sound comes out fine and i can get the picture but it is grey and fuzzy (with supplied cable) is this due to rubbish quality cable or is there something im missing? dont want to buy a new good quality cable just for the sake of it.

Many thanks


hi i have the same problem, the tv says incorrect frequency can any1 help?


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Hi! I got one of these media players a couple of months back. When I first tried it in a TV which was about 5 years old I got the same problems as you both. But then I tried it in a TV 2 years old and it worked fine. I now have it running on my LCD 47" TV and it works superb!

It definitely is a TV frequency issue! The newer the TV the more chance it'll work!


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Sounds like a combination of AV vs PC signal frequecies affecting the VGA connection and probably NTSC via composite to a PAL only TV.

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