Sumvision SV-1000


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Hi guys, I've got a few questions regarding the Sumvision SV-1000:

1) I've had an absolute nightmare trying to make a DVD, it was working fine, I renamed the titles and it all seemed great, turned the machine off, and when I turned it back on again it just won't read the disc, I tried finalizing it but still no luck. Does it support DVD-R?

2) I've unfortunately lost the manual, is there anyway to find out what the different recording modes (HQ, SP, LP etc) offer in terms of quality and how many hours you can fit onto a disk? I'm recording from Sky+ via a non RGB scart cable so was thinking I'd use either SP or LP.

3) How do I know when I should finalize the disks? If I don't finalize them are they going to be completely useless or are there ways of finalizing them maybe on the PC or similar?

4) Is there anyway to set it so by default it doesn't display the time left of the DVD? I know you can fix this by pressing the 'OSD' button a few times but it'd be great if it wasn't displayed at all.



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A simple search using "Sumvision SV-1000" as the search term on Google shows the specs here
You only need to finalise the discs if you intend to play them on any other DVD player.
On most DVDRs HQ=1HR, SP=2HRs and so on.
I doubt very much if you can set it by default not to show time don't seem to like pressing remote control buttons going by your other current post. :D


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Hehe, it's for my mum more than anything, I've told her a couple of times how to remove it but whenever she watches a DVD and I walk in that clock thing is still almost always there :p Cheers for clarifying the different quality to hours ratios.

I see it says that it supports dual format, I've absolutely no idea whatsoever could of caused this particular DVD to stop working then, everything in the past I've recorded onto a + disc has been fine, but I just recorded this onto a - Verbatim and it doesn't seem to read it at all now :(


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Please guys, if anyone has any idea why this DVD has gone wrong that'd be great, I deleted the two shows off the planner after recording them and if I lost them my mum isn't going to be too happy when she gets back from holiday ;p

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