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Seaget HDD Model number: SRD00F2

I have a problem likning up an external HDD with this media player.
The HDD is a Seagate Desktop Expansion drive 3TB USB 3.0
It works with my laptop that has USB 2.0 ports fine, but soley bought it for the media player expansion.

Although the hdd is powered when plugged in (also with the external power), the HDD is not recognized.

Sumvision won't provide ANY contact or support help.

The media player recognizes other External hdd's no problem. I've even tried another USB 3.0 drive I have (a Hitachi 2tb) and it recognizes this ok (although it has a different type of USB 3.0 cable - 9 pin Type A-B).

I was thinking maybe it's the way it's formatted, as when I got the drive there was installation files on the root such as autorun and setup. I just ignored these files and placed them in a seagate folder.

The Hitachi HDD that works is formatted as EXT 3, would this make a difference?
Or could it be that it's a 3TB? The other drives I've tried are 2TB (I haven't another 3TB drive to try).

Please help. I was even thinking of taking the hdd out of the caddy and swapping it with another of the USB 2.0 drives caddy's, but this would obviously void the warranty and don't want to try it if the reason could be solved or that the MKV2 doesn't recognise anything over 2TB.

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I seem to remember 2TB being supported so it could be the maximum. It's a media player and not a PC, which themselves can have problems with large drives. I would guess, and I do say guess because I have no hard facts on the matter, that it being 3TB could be the problem.

You could empty it and partition and format with a compatible disk format and then try again.

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