Sumvision Lynx - does this thing recognise USB haddrives?


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I have the Sumvision Lynx. Ordered and received a WD500GB and a Sumvision Sata USB enclosure. Put the 2 together, formatted to FAT32 and stuck a few .avis and a few jpegs just for testing.

Hurriedly attached to Lynx via supplied USB cable selected GOTO and USB and then the file menu pops up showing -0/- and nothing in the file list and unsupported format in the top right hand corner.

Is this thing supposed to be able to read from a harddrive or is the usb more for memory sticks? Is there a harddrive size limit?

Is it just a POS and should I just hook up to my XBMC instead>?


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I have the Sumvision Lynx and Yes it does read from my Hard drive.

I use a Digimate III enclosure and It works fine (doesn't work on my XBOX360 though).


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We can't get this machine to read a 8Gb pen drive nevermind a harddrive , we also have the same problem with the phoenix one , both come up with unreconisable usb device


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From the other places I've seen (including ebuyer comments section when the player was still being sold there) it would seem there's an invisible cutoff point whereby the machine will not recognize most drives over 130 gig. Although others have reported connecting larger capacity drives, I have not managed to replicate this behaviour with either my Western Digital or Freecom external HDs. Still a fine cheapo player though, despite the very pixelly looking Divx output.

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