Sumvision Cyclone MKV Enclosure V1 VS V2

ray nephew

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how do you tell the difference between Sumvision Cyclone MKV Enclosure v1 and v2, are there any physical differences, e.g ports,does it say v2 anywhere, they seem to be in 2 different shapes .how do you tell?


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As far as I know, the only real difference is that the V1 said that it supported Youtube, but the V2 doesn't because Youtube blocked them from accessing their site for some reason (probably because they didn't show the ads, or something like that).

I'm trying to find out the difference myself as I need the firmware for a V2, but everybody keeps pointing me toward the v1 firmware, and I don't know if it's compatible.


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According to another post, the V1 is the non enclosed version and the V2 is the enclosed version.

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