Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+ low volume


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Hi all,

just bought this Sumvision player and while overall I am very happy with it I can't seem to get the volume to output very high.

I've turned it up to the maximum using the remote and my TV is almost on full yet it still seems to be lacking. This is particularly noticable when watching audio heavy files such as concerts.

I'm currently using the composite cable that came with the Sumvision and unfortuantly I don't have any hdmi or coaxial inputs on my TV/ sound system so this isn't an option.

I've ordered a composite/ scart adapter in the hope that this will sort it out but i suspect it is either the Cyclone itself or the quality of the cable.

Is there anything else that can be done or am i missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


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Anyone? The only workaround I have found it to use some powered laptop speakers plugged into the heaphone socket of the TV. That way I can turn the volume up using the laptop speakers but it's not ideal as the sound tends to distort.

Any other ideas?


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I have just received one of these.

I tried it last night playing an MKV from a portable hard drive.

I tried both HDMI and also the composite cable both of which I plugged into my AV receiver which then feeds to the TV via an HDMI cable.

The sound was fine using both cables. I would suspect the cable might be dodgy. Can you try it with a different TV?



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I had a problem with the volume for a while then I read the manual and found that I had overlooked the volume controls on the cyclone remote.

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