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I have searched around and am struggling to find some answers, so hopefully someone here might be able to help us out.

A work colleague bought two x Sumvision Cyclone 2 3.5" SATA Enclosure players to use in the TV rooms at work. They are fitted with Hitachi JPT3EA 1Tb drives. Both units worked reasonably well for a few months but now fail to read the built-in hard drives. The discs spin up, the HDD light comes on and then goes off. I have seen the message "No USB Child". I cannot find an online manual on the sumvision website. I connected the player to my laptop via USB and the drive briefly appears in explorer/my computer before disappearing again. However, I can connect up an external USB drive fine and it reads the files.

I am hoping that someone that owns this machine can advise what they think the problem is i.e. whether it's the player or the hard drives.

Also does anyone have any contact details for Sumvision as nothing is listed on their site which doesn't look promising? The guy that bought them is coming back later in the week but as they have been broken for months, I thought I would try and get them back up and running so we can watch films offshift!

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