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Hi Everyone!

I don't know if the pandemic is to blame for this, but I'm really looking to revamp my entire summer wardrobe this year. I feel like I've been stuck with the same clothes forever, and I just want a real change.

SO I'm looking for dresses for ladies (I really like the flowery styles, flowy dresses on that linked page!) because I'm SERIOUSLY lacking in these. Does anyone have any online or high street retailers they'd recommend for these styles that I could look at? It's been so long since I shopped for clothes that weren't part of a movie or for my kids ahaha, so I just want some options to get me started!

Thanks in advance!!!


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Well......i imagine this site is 95% male so there may not be much to your liking!

Anyway, aren't hotpants a ladies' requirement for the summer? :D


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Ahaha there must be other women here too ahaha! I've found this forum is one of the most responsive forums I'm part of - so I'm crossing my fingers!!!

I think I'm a little bit beyond the hotpants genre tbh hahahahaha

Let me guess

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I find next ok...can get anything from cheap to designer and all in-between...
Sometimes asos, only ever shop online though, really cannot be faffed with going to an actual store...


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I have a slight vested interest in that this is my sisters company, but you can specify the fabric and style I believe.
When I say company, there is her and her partner who design an cut, and then a number of outworkers who assemble.

Lucy Van Pelt

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I never buy clothes online like to physically see clothes before buying, though this limits my choice especially as some of my favourite shops are no longer in the high street like Team, Wallis and Jane Norman

TK Maxx is now my home choice

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