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At very initial stages at the mo. but looking to turn the garage into a stereo hifi and multi- channel AV room as this summer project.

Lots of questions as I am a novice

Room size 5.8m x 5m x 3.3m high (19’ x 16’5” x 10’10”)

I will look to lower the ceiling. Acoustically what is the best ceiling height?

Acoustically what is the best flooring material & wall lining material? (thinking carpet and veneered ply or plasterboard - timber batons onto concrete with insulation between)

There’s a very tempting offer at the mo for Monitor Audio Gold 5:1 generation 4 with Yamaha RX-A1070

Would the MA Gold 300 be too big for this room?

For those familiar with the MA Gold is there much improvement with the 5th Generation? I prefer the aesthetics of the 4th gen and the saving is considerable.

Along the 5.8m wall how far into the room and from side walls should the Golds 300s be placed? From the side walls is this more of an issue for treble / mid or base as there will probably be desk height (below mid / treble speaker height) furniture.

How much benefit would there be using existing B&W CM1 speakers at the back to make 7:1?

How much benefit would there be getting new in-ceiling speakers for 9:1 and if so which ones?

The Gold 50s and CM1s are rated to 100w RMS but the amp is rated 150w per channel. Is this an issue?

Where best to put the sub W15?

OLED or projector?

I currently have LG 65B8 & 55C6 and would look to go 77” for this

I know zero about projectors. Do they normally project onto a wall? If so what is the best wall finish? Or is a screen necessary?

Is the back wall on a shelf 1.8m off the ground 4.7m away a good location for the projector?

What would be a suitable projector model or budget?

Primary concern is stereo sound quality for music. Am I right to think separate stereo amp and AV amp?

If so can anyone recommend an amp switch for the Gold 300 speakers? Is there such a thing as a flush wall mounted switch?

Open goal here ;-) but what stereo amp and streamer should I consider for a rough budget of £5K that would suit the MA Gold 300 and would out perform the Yamaha AV amp?


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So many questions so few answers lol

Just to update - after a good night's sleep I've just placed the order for the MA Gold / Yamaha which went down in price another £44 as I slept ;-)
With the series 4 Gold's already discounted 30% to £5,555 (new price for series 5 £9k) the SRRP £2k+ Yamaha was only another £100
Monitor Audio Gold 300 Ebony 5.1 Speaker Package - Speaker Packages - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Clarification - when asking about acoustic walls / flooring above I am thinking sound quality within the room rather than sound deadening outwit the room


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Is there anyone out there?
Just nod if you can hear me...

Well that's most of the speakers delivered. TNT have managed to lose a Gold 300...
Loving the sound of the G50s A/B testing against the B&W CM1s on my office desk.
(ALAC from Mac via USB to Audiolab M-ONE DAC + amp)

If anyone can advise re ceiling height, acoustics of carpet versus tile floor, wall material, G300 + w15 placement (is having the sub central directly below the front centre speakers a good or bad idea?), 5.1 - 7.1 - 9.1, ceiling speakers, amp / speaker power rating, OLED / projector etc all as 1st post much appreciated ;-)


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