Summer House.


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Ok folks.

Today i purchased this & this

The plan is to split the Log cabin in two.
Have the spa in one & a sitting area in the other.

Now what i want is to have a 42" Plasma on one of the walls so i can sit & watch the footie :D

How could i do this with all the condesation going on ?

Would it be feasible ?

The Spa will be situated next to the front so when using it the doors will be open.

Any pointers would be gratefully recieved.



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Anyone ??

Have i posted in the wrong forum ?


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i would definately think about some extraction units (fans) in the spa area and also in the sitting area to try and remove the steam/condensation


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I would guess you would probably want to seal it behind some perspex or something. It would be like sticking your tv in the bathroom.

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You must have a big garden! Or have you decided not to live in a house and opt for this instead - I wouldn't blame you. I bought a log cabin similar to this but smaller (only 9' x 6') about 18months ago and I have to say that it's my favourite room in (or out of) my house. It's the easiest to heat, retains the heat better and has oodles of feng shui living in the garden. I currently use it as my home office but sit in it whenever I get the chance - I love having rows with the mrs now because I can just retreat to my cabin a la Grizzly Adams.

I've added bits to it over time, like a real slate roof and front pagoda thing which I'm trying to tease some plants up to give a bit more seclusion at the front and an area where I can sit out. Like I say, Grizzly Adams.

I've been reading some of the posts on diy home cinemas and have been considering setting one up in it; but it'd only be big enough for one (or possibly 2) chairs; but how many do you need?!
My one regret when I bought mine is that I didn't get a bigger one. As you probably know, there's loads of different formats available and I would like another small room for sticking all my garden gear and tools in so I wouldn't have to have a separate shed.

Anyway, I would have thought if you stud work the separate areas out and use marine plywood to form the walls - not sure if you want to tile/plaster. Or baton out and use sauna recommended T&G for the inside walls of the sauna (sorry - tried to look at what you've gone for but the first link didn't work so if I'm stating the obvious or I'm off track, I apologise). Obviously, include in your design where you want the door to go and consider what degree of seal you may need on the door/frame.

Then as long as all ingress points are sealed with sealant and you have a decent extraction mechanism, I would have thought you'd be ok. What about putting a log burning stove in the living area with a small hole cut through the roof for the chimney to vent and flashing to seal on the outside? Whatever you do, pictures would be great! Good luck! :thumbsup:

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