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Summary of new projectors from IFA Berlin 2003

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Wasabi, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Wasabi

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    May 16, 2002
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    SBC (Swedish Born Chinese)/lived in UK since 96, C
    A summary of the projectors that were presented at the IFA.
    All information comes from www.areadvd.de where you also can find pictures. The information was then translated with babelfish.

    Apologies if you find it too much info.

    Happy Reading.


    Low End LCD
    SVGA – 800x600pixels
    Standard 4:3 with 16:9 possibilities
    Lamp life 2000hrs
    ANSI Lumen 200
    Contrast 400:1
    YUV,S-VHS,composite and VGA inputs
    Noise 33db
    Weight 3.2kg
    90days or 500hours lamp warranty
    MRRP – 1499€

    High End DLP
    Mustang-DMD-chip from Texas Instruments
    ANSI Lumen 700
    Contrast 2000:1
    Faroudjas DCDi-Chip
    DVI entrance with HDCP copy protection available
    2YUV’s, S-VHS, composite inputs
    “SHIFTS” optical lens shift
    Joe Kane the father of “Video Essentials” was involved in the conception of the projector.

    High End DLP
    HD2-FMV-CHIP from Texas Instruemtns
    ANSI Lumen 800
    Contrast 3800:1
    Faroudjas DCDi-Chip
    Minolta optics with variable IRIS function, measuring mechanism for an optimal adjustment of the color temperature and many further refinement guarantee a first-class film reproduction.
    MRRP – 13000€

    LG - DLP
    High End DLP
    RD-JA30 (on sale in Q2-2004)
    Faroudjas DCDi-Chip
    Mustang-HD2-Chip from Texas Instruments
    Noise 29db
    Color Drum Technology (instead of the normal Color Wheel)
    While with DLP projectors the colors are usually produced by a color wheel, which turns in the light-current between lamp and the DMD chip with the reflecting mirrors, a drum is used with the LG projectors, on whose rounded upper edge the different color segments are located. The light is led here by a prism into the drum and further-steered from there on the DMD chip. In this way also the rainbow effect remarkable in parts with DLP projectors is to be reduced, as the pulse of the lamp and the rotating speed of the drum are co-ordinated. By the "Color Drum" procedure is possible with the LG projectors a by far more compact building method. They measure straight times two thirds of a DIN-A4-Blattes in the length and are only 55 mm highly. With 1,6 kg the devices rank among the leichtgewichten under the projectors (the dimensions are for the office based RJ-JT32 and 33)

    SONY - LCD
    Medium End LCD
    HDTV 1.368X768pixels
    Contrast 1000:1 or 1300:1 with “Cinema Black Pro” function enabled
    ANSI Lumen 1550
    Noise 30db
    DVI input
    Memory Stick
    A again developed micro lens lattice before each LCD panel and a new LCD coating are to also provide for more brightness and higher contrast.
    The software image Director downloadable from the Internet makes individual adjustments possible, depending upon used source of picture.
    In addition the projector is equipped with a hp mixing CCIT place for the digital video and audio transmission. The "Side Shot2-Funktion" facilitates the list, because also diagonally laterally or from down projecting Vpl-hs20 adjusts the optical distortions developing thereby by the trapezoid correction.
    MRRP 4000€

    ANSI Lumen 1300
    Wide XGA 854x480pixels
    Contrast 600:1 or 800:1 with “Cinema Black Pro” function enabled
    Noise 28db
    Its wide angle objective is to be able to project already with a distance of less than two meters a picture diagonal of two meters.
    Also the Vpl-hs3 is already equipped with a hp mixing CCIT place according to Sony.
    MRRP 2000€

    HDTV projector Xv-z10000e
    Xv-z90e and Xv-z91e
    Medium End DLP
    1024 x 576pixels
    Noise 29db
    DVI-I, YUV, VGA, s-video and Composite inputs
    The two "Matterhorn" projectors are technically actually identical to the Xv-z201e, equipped with a wide angle optics, which is it to make possible to obtain with already three meters n projection distance picture diagonals from 2.5 meters.
    Both projectors has LENS shift
    A color wheel with fivefold speed is to eliminate the "rainbow effect"

    Low End LCD
    Wide xga 858X480pixels
    Contrast 600:1
    VGA, YUV, SCART, S-VHS and Composite inputs
    Noise 28db
    Faroudjas DCDi-Chip
    Lamp life 2000hours or 3000hours in ECO mode
    Weight 3.5kg
    Wide optical lens
    MRRP – 1499€

    MRRP – 1500€

    Contrast 1200:1
    Lens shift +/-20
    DVI-I, YUV, VGA, s-video and Composite inputs
    Noise 27db in Eco mode
    A further highlight for the optimization of the image quality is the 3d-aucc system/AUTOMATIC Uniformity Correction CONTROLLER). This system optimizes the color reproduction within sensitive ranges, for example with farbuebergaengen and skin tones.
    Smooth scaling with DRIT (digital Realized interpolation Technology), the digital compression and/or expansion procedure, ensures the perfect projection of different display formats and PC dissolutions without information loss.

    Update: On the IFA the Plv-z2 already had to be seen. It concerned here however three pilot lot devices, which do not reflect yet the quality of the final product, as one stresses with Sanyo. In passing on both PAL DVDs and HDTV photographs from D-Video home system-volumes were to be seen to. In the comparison here a remarkable difference between PAL and HDTV was to be recognized, even if the pictures were not yet as sharp as with other HDTV devices. But it finally here still concerns prototypes, which had also light strips in the panel. To be improved also the dust sealing is with the Z2, after the Z1 had proven here as somewhat sensitive. An inserted iris screen is to improve the contrast and thus the depth sharpness with the Z2. Likewise also an improved De-Interlacer is to be used, which Sanyo could give however still no exact data.

    Who means now the fact that during a noncommittal price recommendation of 2290 EURO of the Plv-z2 in the trade with the time will become just as cheap will have to wait as the Plv-z1, which is to be gotten at present starting from approximately 1350 EURO, here possibly longer. Because Sanyo would like to sell the Plv-z2 only over a strictly selected selection of specialist dealers. The background lies not only in it that one would like to prevent Dumping prices, but likewise sees to Sanyo due to the HDTV dissolution nevertheless higher consulting need for the potential PLV-Z2-Kaeufer, which can begin so far still nothing with HDTV. The advancement from the Plv-z1 to the Plv-z2 and also the decision for the HDTV panel were by the way operated according to Sanyo from Europe. The Plv-z2 does not have the HDTV panel thus alone because HDTV is already common in Asia and the USA. #

    Actually Sanyo with the Plv-d1 wanted to present on the IFA also the first DLP projector. From this however nothing became, although the projector was to be in principle finished developed, since Sanyo has to clarify some details with the DLP DMD manufacturer Texas Instruments as enterprise, which would like to contribute traditionally all components themselves, here still.

    2290€ - price is non committal – see above

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