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Summary of new CRT's and Rear proj TV's from IFA Berlin 2003

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Wasabi, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Wasabi

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    May 16, 2002
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    SBC (Swedish Born Chinese)/lived in UK since 96, C
    Hi building on my summary thread on plasmas and lcds at that section, I am summarising for CRT's and Rear Proj TV's as well from the IFA in Berlin.

    Again, the info is taken from www.areadvd.de and it is translated with babelfish, so there might be grammatical errors.
    Pictures can be found at the areadvd website.

    It seems the Rear projection is not dead yet. LcoS might keep the market going for another few years. The brands are still developing new CRT's. I think it is because the NPD is at the end of the lifecycle stage where the costs are low therefore the margins are high, which still brings in important revenues.

    Happy Reading.


    KV36-HQ100 – MRRP 3000€
    KV36-HQ100 – MRRP 2500€
    KV32-FQ85 – MRRP 1700€

    "Black Chili" is to improve the picture on three levels: In the dissolution of detail, in the contrast and in the movement motion. Special characteristic of all three improvement criteria is the dynamic picture adjustment. Thus not the entire picture is made sharper or increased in the contrast, but the picture improvement becomes only effective, where it is also necessary. So e.g. outlines and details are to be emphasized by objects without also in large surfaces the noise to strengthen at the same time. Because the sharpness is improved only in the picture parts, which are important for the perception, there are neither ghost images, white outlines still unnatural shade.

    Black Chili sharpens the outlines of hauswaenden for example, works on the structures of the trees and leaves the blue sky like that as it is. Flickering ones or with noise interspersed surfaces are avoided thereby. A dynamic contrast correction is likewise for harmonious and naturally working pictures, which are intoxication-free indicated its atmosphere kept and nevertheless with knackigem black, to through-drawn details and.

    The picture brightness is controlled likewise dynamically and prevented that annoying bloomings bright of picture parts as for example shining autosheet metals, headlights at night or part-lit up faces with deep shade. Corners and surfaces are corrected separately, so that a night photograph nearly does not appear day bright and only grey on the screen.

    In addition the top models of the HQ series offer a refined aperture mask, whose distances from 0.77 mm were reduced to 0.47 mm. The new WEGA technology "Advanced 100 cycles per second digitally Motion" is to recognize moved objects in the picture? for instance the flying football? and calculates new picture positions for it: The ball flies and to the new position is not shifted jerkily, as with some other television. Interesting: Here there is also a film mode analysis, to which television adapts thus to the source material and it recognizes whether film or video material is shown. In addition MPEG2-Blockrau by inserted "MPEG is to be reduced digitally a Noise Reduction".

    Tx-32px20d – MRRP 1399€
    It has YUV component input for progressive scan. Has also the new QuintrixSR picture tube, which is to provide with a again developed shadow mask and that super OLF electron gun for more sharpness. With both devices one can fade in the picture of a second source of program by the picture secondary the fig. (POP) in the small format right on the screen, without overlapping the current TV picture. The picture and fig. (PAP) makes it possible to show a second picture the main picture reduced by another program directly largely beside. A picture in the small format of another source of program into a corner of the screen to fade in, is possible owing to the picture in fig. (PIP).
    Also the simultaneous representation of videotex and television picture is possible by the picture and text fig. (PAT). With the videotex level 2,5 with 1500 memory sides is possible fast side accesses.

    2 new CRT tv’s.
    HV-36P38 (36inch) – MRRP 2299€
    HV-32P37 (32inch) – MRRP 1799€

    Progressive scan through component input ensures direct signals. D.I.S.T technology ensures careful processing of interlaced signals. 75hz per second for calm and flicker free view. Integrated 3D-Cinemasound and external Subwoofer.

    New Flex CRT TV
    Philips 32PW9768 (32inch) with 40GB hard drive for direct recording.
    Features Pixel Plus, Digital Crystal Clear, Digital Natural Motion and Active Control. It has a newly developed screen tube for increased comfort viewing during daylight. A 60W Dolby Pro-Logic 3D system provides the sound.
    MRRP – 2700€

    Toshiba LCD and LcoS rear projection
    14LF10 14inch LCD television
    20LF0 20inch LCD television

    17WL43P (17inch)
    26WL36P (26inch)
    32WL36P (32inch)
    16Ms response time
    new Black Coating on the screen surface
    progressive scan

    Also the new 52 and 62 inch LcoS (liquid Crystal on silicon) rear projection models. It unites the advantages of DLP and LCD projektion. The LcoS panel can represent the HDTV resolution of 1920 x to 1080 pixels.

    Also a new family of rear projection tv’s.
    Hollywood PRO 57 WH 36 P (57inch)
    Hollywood PRO 51 WH 36 P (51inch)
    Hollywood PRO 42 WH 36 P (42inch)
    Nashville 42 PW 33 P (42inch)

    Pixel PROcessing and Progressive scan technology.
    100hz supplies a picture without large surface flickering, however remains to line flares.
    Natural: In the 100 cycles per second enterprise is avoided that line flares, owing to 100 cycles per second DFS.Movement: Apart from the line flare reduction during this framing digitally Perfect Motion is activated for liquid movement representation.
    Frame: The TV provides from half-images - as they are passed on over the antenna connection, video recorders or DVD Player - frames. Likewise frames can be used by the DVD Player.

    A new LCD rear projection TV was represented.
    A 48inch with XGA resolution and a VGA input. The thickness is only 38cm.

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