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Summary of new all-in-ones from IFA Berlin 2003

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Wasabi, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Wasabi

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    May 16, 2002
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    SBC (Swedish Born Chinese)/lived in UK since 96, C
    Just providing a small summary of the new systems. The information is from www.areadvd.de and there are some pictures at the website as well.

    Sony is replacing 550 and 888. The price of new Sony SC8 (probably same features and power as 888, nothing new) cost as much as the really interesting new Denon 770 slimline system, Pioneer 990 NXT flat panels and LG 6100 wirelss bluetooth system. I know what I wouldn't choose if I was to buy a premium all in one.

    Denon and Samsung have developed new virtual surround technology while the former is using Dolby's new Dolby virtual. Should be interesting for people whose space is at premium.

    Samsung is launching equivalent of Pioneer's MCACC in a all in one!

    Happy Reading.



    530Watts (5x86w +100w sub)
    Pal Progressive Scan
    “Super digitally sound master” Optimizes the channels individually automatically over a measuring microphone with only one push of a button.

    420Watts (4x80w +2x50w integrated subs)
    Pal Progressive Scan
    “Super digitally sound master” Optimizes the channels individually automatically over a measuring microphone with only one push of a button.

    The Ht-db760 uses the Rear Reflecting sound system (R2S2), developed by Samsung Electronics. The Surround rendition with two loudspeakers according to the sound reflection principle results in a natural klangbild, according to Samsung even comparably with 5,1 a channel system. A similar strategy pursues e.g. Denon with momentarily the exclusively used Dolby Virtual Speaker technology. With the Ht-db760t the Samsung self-development functions as follows: The clay/tone from the two front loudspeakers beside the screen is produced after a new digitally sound Processor (DSP) algorithm. The conceptional Design of the loudspeakers makes the purposeful radiation possible of the Surround of channels over cover and the side panels of the area, before they are reflected by the rear wall. The listener experiences the total Surround effect.

    The Ht-db760t plant is a?All in one? Home cinema system with R2S2 technology. To the scope of supply the two 4,2 channel belongs?Tall to Boy? Loudspeaker with integrated Subwoofer. The otherwise usual back loudspeakers are redundant with the new technology, the structure are extremely simply to go. For the rendition of DVDs with multi-channel clay/tone the plant holds further features ready. In the rear channels, Samsung, an effect is to be thus produced that a sound experience develops, as one knows it otherwise only from the dozens of loudspeakers one multiplex cinemas.

    Later tests of us will clarify, how the entire technology package works satisfactorily in practice.


    DVD-Receiver ADV-M71 + 2,1 loudspeaker set with active Subwoofer – 999€

    The renouncement of the auxiliary loudspeakers, justifiable owing to Dolby Virtual Speaker from sound view, creates undreamt-of free spaces for the first time in the home cinema. The Denon of engineers of everything risks to increase the flexibility additionally. The DVD dVD-Receiver Adv-m71 measures straight times 21 centimeters in the width and lowers the space requirement likewise to a minimum like the expenditure for the installation. Plug & Play mean here: Televisions simply over the high-quality SCART socket, which in the scope of supply by the sturdy Banana suited c-clamps with the amplifier exit (2 x 35 Watts) connect contained pair of loudspeakers and which likewise provided active Subwoofer for an adult bass rendition andocken? that was everything. Easy Setup relieved besides forces tuning and settles for example the adjustment to the TV picture (16:9, 4:3) automatically.

    If you later like to transfer to the original Surround over a complete loudspeaker set, the AV system with appropriate output stages and auxiliary loudspeakers can supplement problem-free. A 3,1 PreOut for the centers, two Surround channels and a Subwoofer offer desired openness for future extensions. It also has a SHARC Hammerhead chip for the treatment of the different sound formats.

    AVR-SD770/DVD-SD770 - 949€ (without speakers)
    AVR-SD770/DVD-SD770 with 2.1 speaker set - 1.299€
    AVR-SD770/DVD-SD770 with 6.1 speaker set - 1.499€

    The units are only 9cm tall
    Banana plugs for the speaker connections
    SHARC Hammerhead DSP
    DDEX,DTS 6,1 (matrix/Discrete), DTS 96/24 and DTS:NEO 6 out.
    S-video and RGB output as well as Pal progressive scan
    It plays MP3 -, Wma, JPEG’s, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW

    NS-DV990 – 1299€
    NXT speakers (only 30mm in depth)
    five 113 cm high speaker (height inclusive stands, can be hung on the wall) .
    DVD player’s surface gleams depending upon beam of light times - reddish-silver.
    The LC display freely set upable in the area is completely in aluminum.
    The power output is 450watts.
    It plays DVD-A and SACD, JPEGs and MP3’s.
    It provides a particularly large and broad sound. Beyond that the rendition of dialogues was improved, in which the right and left loudspeaker the centers supplement. Extremely pleasantly: The sound can be aligned ideally and particularly simply to the hearing position.

    DAV-SC8 – 1400€ starting from October
    DAV-SC5 – 750€ starting from September
    Sony s-master-Digitalamplifier.
    Plays SACD,MP3 and JPEGs.
    Height adjustable aluminum loudspeaker columns (SC8).
    Aluminum satellite loudspeakers (SC8 and SC5)

    DA-SW6100 – 999€
    Wirless sound transmission using Bluetooth technology to the speakers.
    5x50w +1x80w
    component input

    LH-D6230 – 299€
    5x20w + 1x40w
    Plays DVD-RW and DVD+RW, MP3 and JPEG’s.


    DVX-S200 - 549€

    DVX-S120 - 499€

    Both plays mp3, dvd-r/rw, dvd+r/rw, while S200 gets additionally DVD-A and SACD

    DC-TS960WL -
    Wireless system
    5x40w +100w
    Progressive scan
    Plays mp3,Wma
    Wireless Data communication takes place at it in 2,4 GHz

    ONKYO HTC-501E
    Made of
    TX-SR501E receiver
    DV-SP501 dvd player
    HTP-103E speaker system

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