Summarize My Video?



Does anyone know of any software that will automatically summarize my videos?

What I mean is say i have a 2 hour video... Is there a program that will cut the framerate down (without prolonging the video) and maybe display like 4 screens of the video running at different times so i can more easily find a section of teh video i am looking for?

Is there even anything like this out there?



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I hope you find it..:D I vaguely remember seeing software which can presumably do it Ill have a little search
AFAIK the traditional way of choosing what you want from tape is to watch it at least once and decide ( based on time code which you wish them capture selectively
In the old day this was called an Edit decision list EDL
Avid Liquid ( and Pinnacle Liquid 6) still has some of the legacy built in where you can "Log" what you want but not capture it. you get small thumbnails till you want to use it . The software then captures it
This has to be one advantage of the HDD models if they capture as scences:cool:


Thnks man but I'm lookin for something a little more dedicated... Simply for sumarizing or previewing... Basically so I can get the jist of the video without having to sit hrough the entire video. When dealing with dozens of hours of video, this can make a job a lot quicker!

Thanks for your recommendations anyways... most response I have recieved of any forum!

Still looking though!:smashin:

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