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summarise of new plasma's and lcd's from IFA Berlin 2003

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Wasabi, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Wasabi

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    May 16, 2002
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    SBC (Swedish Born Chinese)/lived in UK since 96, C
    I have tried to summarise the new plasma's and LCD's that were launched at the IFA 2003 in Berlin. The information is taken from www.areadvd.de and has been translated via babel fish, so I apologise if any of the wording is grammatically wrong.
    Also pictures can be found at the areadvd website.

    Looking at the specs of Samsung plasma, they are amazing. The Japanese specs looks dated already. But the question is if they can deliver the promising specs? (FYI Samsung is already today no1 in market share of plasmas in the world). It doesn't mean that I favour Samsung plasma's at all, just trying to say that the Korean's are determined to be as good as the best (just see the awesome speed in their NPD of mobile phones. The E700,D700,i500,i700 and x600)

    Have you noticed that Pioneer's PDP-504 is as cheap as Panny's PH50? And the specs are way higher, will Panny survive this?
    Philips is launching LcoS plasma, is it better?

    Otherwise, LCD is probably what all the major brands will choose as their future foundation. Panasonic, Philips and Toshiba are the next major pushers, to join Samsung, LG and Sharp. Sony while JVC has recently started. This leaves Pioneer, who has yet to launch LCD worldwide (does anyone know if they have LCD in Japan?) and Thomson. HCC's news article on Samsung's 54inch TFT-LCD says "Chuck in the facts that it’s apparently got a viewing angle of more than 170 degrees in all directions and weighs just 20kg, and it’s easy to see why so many manufacturers now see LCD as the flat-screen future ahead of plasma."

    Pleasant Reading. (Apologies for the very long thread)


    Samsung's new 3-Panel-LCD SP46L5H(46in) and SP56L5H(56in)
    1280x720p lines 920000pixel x 3 = total of 2.72milj pixels = HDTV
    Contrast of 750 : 1
    DNIe TM (Digital Natural Image engine)
    Pal progressive
    DVI connection
    Pc compatible
    3 SCART, S-Video, Component
    Dimensions 1180x440x860mm
    SP46L5H(46in) – MRRP 4499€

    New Samsung 54in TFT-LCD
    HDTV 1.920 x 1.080/60p lines (ca. 6,22 Milj)
    Pixel size 0,2075mm x 0,6225mm
    Colours 16.7milj
    Contrast 800:1
    Brightness 500 cd/m²
    Colour temperature 10,000 K
    response time less than 12 ms points
    view over 170° in all directions
    pal progressive
    Dimensions 1256mm x 725,4mm x 52mm
    Weight 20 kg
    HDTV dissolution max. 1.080/60P

    New Samsung 70in plasma
    1.920 x 1.080p lines (ca. 6,22 Million Pixels)
    Contrast 1500:1
    Brightness 1000 cd/m²
    Full HDTV rendition
    DVI input
    DNIe TM (Digital Natural Image engine)
    Pal progressive
    20kg weight
    Dimensions 1.639mm x 1.064mm x 98mm

    New Sony plasmas
    1.365 x 768p lines KE-50MR1
    1.024 x 768p lines KE-42MR1
    both has DVI input and Memory stick

    Sony Vaio pc-tv
    PC-W1 (17.5inch ws)
    A powerful pc with TV funktionality.

    Sharp lcd
    1.366 x 768p lines LC-37AD1E
    1.280 x 768p lines LC-30AD1E
    VGA and component inputs
    Integrated Digital Tv tuner

    New Pioneer plasmas (which you already know the details of through other threads)
    1.024x768p lines true XGA PDP-434HDE
    Brightness 1100 cd/m²
    Pixel size 0,930mm x 0,698mm
    Weight 30.5kg
    Dimensions 1120mm x 652mm x 98mm
    MRRP 6999 €

    1.280x768p lines true wide XGA PDP-504-HDE
    Pixel size 0,858mm x 0,808mm
    Brightness 1000 cd/m²
    Weight 38.0kg
    Dimensions 1270mm x 727mm x 98mm
    MRRP 8999 € (obs, same price as Panny’s 50inch 6series, not higher!)

    Both has
    Pal progressive and HDMI (new Pioneer innovation to transfer the highest picture and 2 channel stereo quality through 5gigabyte per second via only one direct wiring.
    New P.U.R.E drive circuit
    New P.U.R.E panel

    TH-PH50W6EX (50inch)
    Contrast 3000:1
    HDTV 1.366x768p lines
    Weight 43.5kg
    MRRP 8999€

    TH-PH42W6EX (42inch)
    Contrast 3000:1
    XGA 1.024x768p lines
    Weight 29.5kg
    MRRP 6499€

    TH-42W6EX (42inch)
    Contrast 4000:1
    Pal standard 852x480p lines
    Weight 28.9kg
    MRRP 4599€

    All 3 has REAL MACH panel technology, pal progressive, C.A.T.S system and 160degrees viewing angle but no DVI input

    New LcoS (liquid Crystal on Silicon) plasma
    Cineos 55 PL 9873 (55inch)
    1.280x720p lines
    HDTV rendition ready.
    Crystal Clear and Natural Motion technology.
    DVI input
    MRRP – 5000€

    Toshiba LCD and LcoS rear projection
    14LF10 14inch LCD television
    20LF0 20inch LCD television

    17WL43P (17inch)
    26WL36P (26inch)
    32WL36P (32inch)
    16Ms response time
    new Black Coating on the screen surface
    progressive scan

    There is a new 71inch plasma (product code unknown), largest in the world.
    Most of the data is unknown, but likely to have 1.920x1080p lines in thus full HDTV rendition. A brightness of 900 cd/m2 thanks to a “KK” module while the contrast is 1500:1. The plasma is only 8.3cm thick.

    Other plasma products
    MZ-60PZ92V (60inch)
    Brightness of 1.000 cd/m2
    Contrast 1000:1
    The “Pivot function” permits it to regard picture contents vertically so that the plasma panel is suitable also for fair presentations or the like.

    Brightness of 1.000 cd/m2
    Contrast 1000:1

    Brightness of 1.000 cd/m2
    Contrast 1200:1

    LG also presented a new family of LCD televisions, whose panels are jointly developed with Philips "super in tarpaulin Switching technology (S-IPS) gives a full high colour contrast and viewing angle. The viewing angle is 179degrees vertical and 176degrees horizontal. Over Driving Circuit gives a stable contrast as well as only 12ms response time.
    Contrast 600:1
    Ca 2.1 million pixels.
    16.7million colours
    Suitable for HDTV

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