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Hi All,

We will be going on holiday again in the next 6 weeks, when we went last year we undertook a scuba diving course (my son included) which we thoroughly enjoyed. Seeing as we are visiting the same place again this year my son will again scuba dive. One aspect we really enjoyed was getting some pictures of the underwater scenery (these were taken by the diving trip organisers with a fairly old Olympus camera with a proper underwater case) and on this years trip we would like to take some of our own pictures. Now on to the problem - we would like to buy a new camera and underwater case (and try to keep the costs reasonable - under £400 for both items). Does anybody have any experience and could suggest any suitable cameras (with case) for this cost? The camera will also probably replace our aging Fuji F601 (which has done sterling service over the last 4 years).

Thanks in advance


ush flynn

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underwater housings range from about 80-140 depending on the complexity of its build, placing of zoom controls, things like that. that should leave a fair old chunk for the camera. The easiest brands to get housings for are canon, sony, fuji and olympus. Nikon have a few kits available too. In my experience Canon and Nikon both have underwater modes (like a scene mode such as night, sports or portrait photography) which will give you a decent camera set up at the touch of a couple of buttons. Hope this helps you on your way


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I've got a Canon S45 with an underwater housing down to 40m.
It gives full control over all the features - which in fairness isn't that easy when underwater!
However the camera itself is great and we always put it in the case when we go to the beach - no worries about sand and it is easy to change all the controls above the water!
Highly recomended!
As is the site mentioned by Drunken Master!
Could be worth taking a look at a flash as well....
Try a sea and sea strobe one (I think...)
Either way take a read through this thead: click!
Just remember to turn the camera on and make sure that you got enough space ledt on your card for pictures, before you set off!

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