suitable setup????


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any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
i'm currently laid-up following a spill on my motorbike - little old lady lost control of her car , hey thats another story.

anyway, whilst i'm laid up (minimum of 8 weeks whilst tendons knit)
i'm considering taking the plunge an lashing out on a plasma.
the setup would need to consider the following inputs:

elonex media centre
sky dig +
humax 5400irci
and would like a set with picture in picture if poss

it will be wall mounted and money is currently not plentiful, but considering my last tv was bought back in '98 (sony widescreen 28" 100hz) i think i'm due an upgrade that may last the next 5 yrs at least, so not necessarily the cheapest option available .suggestions gratefully received.

thanks :lease:

Jazz Monkey Jr

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Whats your budget?

Do you want a panel only or an all in one with tuner/speakers etc built in?

Are you bothered about HD?
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