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Hi, Been thinking of getting a PVR, but a little confused after reading all the threads here. Basically to give you an example ,I want to be able to record a cricket game on sky sports which airs very early in the morning and be able watch it later on.

What would ppl reccomend, been looking at the Humax PVR-8000 ? is it worth waiting for the PVR-9000



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The two Humax units can only be used for Freeview/DTT, they have no external inputs and only record from their internal digital tuner/s.

TIVO can record SKY when connected to a digibox via scart and of course SKY+ is made for recording SKY programming.


I've had a TiVo since they were launched in the UK and can highly recommend it. As said your only other choice is Sky+ but this is known to have problems with the software loosing a request to record, so you could get up in the morning and find the cricket has not been recoded as requested. TiVo however will learn what you like it to record and, as has often happened for me, you forget to set it to record something but it does it for you anyway.

The only downsides to TiVo are a very small loss of PQ as it records the analogue output of your digibox where Sky+ records the digital stream and TiVo's are getting difficault to get hold of as they are not being made for the UK at the moment, but can still be bought from or take your chances on ebay.


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