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Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by Bekkenes, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Well, sadly ( :p) the old lady is moving in, and due to WAF, the projector is coming down and i have to settle for a TV. Going to be a drag going from 110" to something smaller, but what the hell, ill survive.

    I want maximum size for my money, i do not care much for smarttv functionality, its useless.
    Thats why we have boxes to connect to the TV.

    I live in Norway, so people from here , your suggestions would be particularly nice to have due to knowing prices here better.

    Basically, this is what i want:

    Size : 55+
    I can survive with something as tiny as 55", but i will cry myself to sleep on a weekly basis. 60-65 would be best at minimum.

    Resolution: 4K HDR .
    Im not really that fussed about it as i mostly watch football and series from Plex, but if im first going to go for something as mundane and boring as a TV, its best to have something that will be ok for a few years.

    Not really bothered unless it results in me sleeping on the sofa more then in the bed.
    But if its so big i can sleep on the sofa enjoying it, i dont mind.

    Smartv functionality.

    Support for tv signals:
    I dont have satellite or cable tv. All digital from the interwebz or locally.

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