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I'm getting a PS4 for Christmas, can anyone recommend any games I should be getting.
Ideally looking to get a bit of a collection quickly so I was thinking about picking up some older titles second hand.
I like driving games and was always a fan of the tomb raider and resident evil games on my old ps2.
I'd also be interested in any recommendations on games suitable for a 7 year only girl.




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Driveclub, The Crew, Rocket League

7 Year Old:

Little Big Planet 3, Tearaway Unfolded, Rayman Legends, Minecraft, Plants v Zombies, anything with Lego in the title

Open World:

Shadows of Mordor, The Witcher, Mad Max, Watchdogs, Infamous Second Son, Assassins Creed

Tomb Raider:

Definitive Edition, Temple of Osiris


Until Dawn, Resogun, Diablo 3, ah, so much choice and some great prices around. Take a look at the penny pinchers thread.
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Zombi is very old school Resi style
Diablo 3 superb
Worms Battlegrounds to play with your little'un?


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If you want a resi evil style game then "the evil within" is the closest alternative and imo is a great game. Talking resi evil there is the original remake available on the store and an episodic resi evil called "resident evil revelations 2" which again is very good.


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Alien isolation
Shadow of mordor

But in reality you only need bloodborne since its far better than any other ps4 game in existence and will be until dark souls 3 arrives.

And no its not my opinion it really is true :D


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Batman Arkham Knight, Dying Light, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Age, The Witcher and if you want to kick your tv in then look no further than BLOODBORNE.


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If you like Tomb Raider, then the Uncharted Collection

Glad you said that as the deal they had on in Argos meant that this came free with it.


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No........ freaks play Bloodborne, I'm just not enough of a freak to be any good at it.:rotfl:

I'm completely rubbish at it, it took me from Sunday until last night to get to only the second save point, haven't even dared attempt the first boss yet, but it's strangely addictive, I can't stop playing it :laugh:


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Well, when I say save points, the lamp things where it puts you back to when you die, again and again and again..... and resets all the enemies, so not really saves at all:rotfl:

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