Suggestions where to get UK epg xml (paid or not)


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I've used Emby successfully for years. Because I'm in the UK and use Freesat, I've always had to use Nextpvr to manage my TV Tuner. However this is no longer viable due to a "falling out" over emby live tv being a paid for service (my take on it)
So I turned to MediaPortal.
It works like a treat with the MediaPortal plugin.
Where it fails miserably is on a UK epg.
I've spent so much time trying to get it to work with absolutely no joy.

I do have a good iptv service, but living in the sticks I don't have a great internet connection.
(I'm on a 4g sim, that can sometimes go a bit flaky)
The entire house runs on Rokus in every room, so when they're all competing it gets a bit fractious.

And it's frustrating to have a working satellite that is pretty much useless right now.

I've been using Home pc's since the green screen days, but this has beaten me.

Has anybody got any idea on the best way to get an xml for DVBS .


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xmltv is free. Freeview, not freesat seems to have no new programme listings since 16 March. My downloads have had fewer and fewer, now zero, programmes since then.The guide on the website is completely blank. Any ideas? Is there anywhere that would have more info?


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Just found this thread. Am I going mad of is XMLTV only showing 24 hours worth of guide data on ALL of the feeds, including the 7 day feed?

Thought it was an issue with my set up, but apparently not.

Does anyone have any alternative XML EPG feeds for the UK Freeview? Running Xteve in Docker, and need a good source!


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I use the free EPGCOLLECTOR tool, scheduled to run every night.
It collects all the EPG data from aerial (no internet connection required). This gives me about 8 days of UK EPG, including HD channels.
I configured it to export the EPG data into W7 Mediacenter automatically, but it can also export to XML as needed.
Works like a charm.
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I have personally been using this for a few weeks now, after signing up for the trial. Works flawlessly with tivimate on both my tv's. I have UK and Eire as those are more than enough for me, and it seems very detailed.



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It appears is now completely dead after a short come-back. I cannot find any way to contact the site owner so I have to assume the project is abandoned. I've also now signed up with epgdirect and will see how it goes.

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