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Suggestions wanted for speakers in my new home cinema setup


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Just brought our first house and am currently doing the research into buying a decent home cinema setup, just wanted to get some of the views from the guys on the forums to see what they thought the best receiver and speakers were currently.

Budget for the receiver £1200 roughly for both
Budget for speakers £1000

Would love to hear feedback on what you guys think, I've been weighing up whether to go for the Onkyo TXNR906 but obviously still doing the research and speaking to various people.



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Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and opinions are like noses, everybody gets one.

So...too much amp and not enough speaker.

£1200 buys A LOT of amp.

£1000 buys a good, but basic speaker system.

Typically, and especially on a higher end system, the speaker system should be about double the cost of the amp for a surround system.

Of course, there is certainly the opposite school of thought that think you should dump most of your money into the amp. Naturally, I would not be of that school.

If your basic budget is £2200, I would suggest about £600 to £800 on the amp, and the rest (~£1400) on speakers.

That said, you can certainly get a pleasing system the way you already have it configured. The SVS SBS-01 bookshelf system would be right in your price range. The Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 floorstanding system would be in your price range. The Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 system would be just under your budget. The Bower Wilkins (B&W) 685 bookshelf system would work nicely into your budget. If you want something more compact, consider the Quad L-ite system, just under your budget. You could certainly put something nice together with the Swedish XTZ speakers. A nice floorstanding Wharfedale 5.1 Diamond 10.5 system could be put together for about £1080.

This is just a cross section of possibilities near the budget you've specified.

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Thanks Steve,
Appreciate the feedback, the rough estimates for money put aside for each will obviously be shifted around but it's good to get another perspective on which speakers you reckon would be a good ones to go for.


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By shopping around you may be able to get a good 5.1 system based around the Monitor Audio RS series. This is because they are being sold off at the moment due to the new RX range. Paired with the right amp (Denon or Yamaha) this could be a very good system for the money you have.


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I think PSM1's steering you in the right direction. How big is this new home cinema room? If it's fairly big I'd consider the following...

Denon AV2310
Monitor Audio RS8's at the front
Monitor Audio RSFX as the rears
Monitor Audio RSLCR centre
BK Monolith subwoofer

As PSM1 has said, because the RS series is on close out at the dealers there are some real bargains to be had (roughly half the price of a few months ago).

That's what I'd ask to demo if I had £2k to spare :thumbsup:

Unfortunately I don't :thumbsdow :rolleyes:

Happy hunting
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Unless I'm mistaken, assuming you can find them, the MA Silver RS are selling for roughly the price of the equivalent speaker in the lower MA Bronze line. That's definitely a bargain, again, assuming you can find it and assuming you can get it in a finish you like.

If it was me though, I would take whatever finish I could find them in. You can probably use them for a year or two and sell them for virtually what you paid for them. (maybe)

Those who have taken advantage of this deal and bought either RS6 or more so RS8 are extremely pleased.

Worth checking into.


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