Question Suggestions struggling to find a TV to buy according to my usage

Which one would you buy?

  • LG B8 in 55''

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  • Samsung Q6FN in 55''

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  • Samsung NU8005 in 55''

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  • Samsung NU7105 in 65''

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  • Samsung NU7105 in 55''

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Good morning community!!

I've just signed up so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jorge, from Spain. I've been disconnected off the "TV world" and right now I find myself struggling searching for the best TV that suits my future usage. I'm not a gamer guy and my main usage will consist of watching TV shows and Sports. I'm more than cautious when it comes to go with OLED (in that scenario my only option would be budget wise the LG B8 in 55'').
I come from a Samsung 40'' FHD I'll look for a 55'' 2160p. I would even considering jumping to 65'' but again budget wise my only option in that scenario would be the Samsung NU71005 in that screen size).
So, my options are, ordered from priciest to cheapest

1) LG B8 in 55''
2) Samsung Q6FN in 55''
3) Samsung NU8005 in 55''
4) Samsung NU7105 in 65''
5) Samsung NU7105 in 55''

NOTE: Find in this links a complete review on OLED lifeSpan which, by the way, is not really good. Issues start at 5000 to 8000h hours even though LG claims it shouldn't happen until at least 30000h...
Real Life OLED Burn-In Test on 6 TVs
20/7 Burn-In Test: OLED vs LCD VA vs LCD IPS


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Are you TV shows and sports available in 4K or HDR and what do you envisage your (near) future usage to be?


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I'll use 2160p format and in Amazon Prime | Netflix they're already available here in Spain

At the moment here in Spain just FHD but in the near future it'll be common 4K for sports
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