Suggestions Please - Sony 800 and Tannoy SFX v Denon 1610 and Jamo A102s


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Wonder if amyone can offer me advice on a reciever / speaker combination.

currently upgraded to a 1080p LCD tv and Blu ray player - picture is stunning but didnt realise my 10 yr old DD 5.1 Yamaha 396 (original Yamaha speakers & Gale 60 sub) could not decode HD audio.

To be honest, ive never been happy with my set up of the Yamaha but think this is down to poor setting of levels and positioning of rears when I originally wall mounted them. Im hoping the new auto set up systems will help remedy this

So thinking of an upgrade max budget c£500.

After researching on these forums I decided to go with a Sony 800 and Tannoy SFX 5.1 but Richer Sounds have no Tannoy's and dont know when they will be back in stock. (estimate 2 to 8 weeks).

I did have an issue that when I phoned RS Reading re availability they still tried to sell me an Onkyo despite the lack of speakers to go with it, but I read that this is not unusual

They do have the Jamo A102s but I understand these are not well matched to the Sony. (Although when speaking to RS in MK re availability they advised me that any speakers would work with any amp and it was all matter of taste, but they dont offer auditions as switching speakers and amps would take to much time.)

So, my dilema - do I wait an indeterminate time for a Sony / Tannoy set up (or see if I can find a similar priced deal online)

Or do I bite the bullet and go for a denon AVR 1610 and the Jamo's.

I had considered the Yamaha RXV465, but have been put off by concerns over build quality.

My main aim is to get a system that will deliver a better quality sound and posistioning than my current set up, but Im not an audiophile. If I can also connect my ipod (even via phono in) that would be a bonus.

I like the idea of 7.1 sound, but given the unusual shape of my living room, think another 2 speakers unrealistic.

Does anyone have any opinions on 'best' course of action, or possible alternative suppliers or set ups.

(I tried my local lakes but it was heavily Pioneer orientated. Also tried 'The Sound Gallery' locally, but when i explained what I was looking for they told me they were a high end supplier who would recommend a £500 Denon with £900 B&W speakers as a minimum and that I was in the wrong shop!

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