Suggestions on projector upgrade - wait or cheaper mid cycle? Epson 3800/5050 Optoma UHD50x


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Easy as the title, but interested in opinions and thoughts. I have a light controlled room and a 4+ year old Epson 5030.
I have for a long time been waiting on decent 4K and in the last few years that seems to have arrived.
With the constant staying at home and looming next gen consoles, I'm thinking about upgrading.

Wait for future HDMI 2.1 120hz projectors and spend less on a mid cycle holdover like 3800 or UHD50x (suggest others)?
Screw it and go with something nicer like 5050 at double the price, and wait awhile longer (3+ years) for newer tech.

Anyone care to share thoughts or suggestions? I'm thinking the cheaper route for now and wait for 18-20 months to sell that and go with a 2.1 model with better specs.

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