Suggestions on a 2.1 setup


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Hi there,

I am getting a Yamaha RXV671 and I am looking for speaker options. I will use this for music, movies and PS3 gaming. Although I am not keen on going surround at the moment, I will be in future as I plan to upgrade my system over time.

At the moment I my preferred options are:

- 2.1 Wahrfedale package from superfi (Diamond 9.1 + SW150)
- Tannoy Mercury V1 + sub
- Monitor Audio Bronce BX2 + sub

So here are a couple of questions:

1. Could you please recommend a sub for the tannoys or the MAs?
2. How advisable is to mix speakers from different brands? (ie, say I end up with the Monitor Audio as fronts and then either user the Diamond 9.1 as rears - is this going to sound unbalanced?)

Thanks a lot in advance!


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If looking for subs I would look at bk electronics as they offer very good value for money. There is no need to have the same make sub as the other speakers so a bk one will work with any speakers you buy.
It is less important to match fronts to rears but personally I would always get a matching set all around if at all possible. You do want to make sure you have a well matched front 3 speakers which is best achieved by getting the same make and model.
For other speakers I would also look at the focal 700 series.


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Cool! Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'll have a look at the bk electronics subs and the focal 700.

Thank you!


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BKElec.com does offer a nice selection of Subs, but the lowest priced is £215. The SW150 is available from SuperFi at about £170. I suspect if you buy a package, you might get a further discount. That is, if you bought the sub with either the Tannoy Mercury, or the Monitor Audio BX, you might get the Sub for closer to £150.

Each in their own way, all the suggested speakers are good. The best you can do is audition them, and follow your heart and your ears, as well as your wallet. I really don't see any bad choices, so it is down to the choice you prefer.

There is no problem mixing different brands of Sub and front speakers. As long as the Sub in question is able to serve your need in general.

Based on your selection, the Monitor Audio BX1 probably fits your budget better, and is a close equivalent to the other speakers you suggested. The BX1 is about £180/pr, the most expensive of the speakers you suggested, and the BX2 is much higher at about £225/pr. Combine that with the lowest cost Sub, and it pushes your budget up to about (£225 + £150) £375/set. (£150 for the sub assumes an additional discount for buying both front and Sub from Superfi.)



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Thanks a lot for that Steve. I hadn't realised that Superfi might be able to include the sw150 in a package with the Monitor Audio or the Tannoy. I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see what they say.

As for budget, at the moment I think anything up to £250 for the front speakers would work for me. That is why I was looking at the Monitor Audio BX2, as they have fantastic reviews and I wouldn't mind going for those if the sound I get would be much nicer.

An alternative would be to get both the sw150 + diamond 9.1 AND the BX2, as I am moving to Germany shortly and I have the feeling that there's more choice of HiFi equipment in the UK so I could use the 9.1 in future...

Anyway, thanks a lot for the advice again.
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