Question Suggestions for warranty replacement of Samsung F8000

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    Can anyone suggest a replacement for a Samsung 46" f8000 TV that is being replaced under warranty*? The replacement value will be about £1300, but I am willing to increase this to around £1800, if necessary.

    I would like to stick with Samsung, and want a TV that looks as good as the f8000 with its thin silver bezel. I would prefer a flat screen rather than a curved one. But if I had to go with a curved screen then I would probably have to increase the size to 55". The viewing angle on the f8000 was rubbish; has Samsung improved this in their latest models?

    *I have had an ongoing software issue with the f8000 preventing the PVR feature from working properly (pointless error message saying "do you want to stop recording BBC One HD and record BBC One HD instead" that pops up every few seconds). John Lewis have finally agreed that Samsung are unlikely to fix this any time soon, so have have agreed to offer a replacement or exchange.
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