Question Suggestions for replacing Sky Q box?


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I'm looking to get rid of Sky Q in December so am now looking for a Freesat STB to replace it.

I know that Sky Q uses a different LNB, I'm not sure if I have the new LNB or if the engineer replaced the existing one back when I had Sky Q installed. I had Sky+ HD a few years back, put in a VU+ Solo 2 for a while and then went to Sky Q.

I'm looking for a Freesat STB that is compatible with the new LNB and is 4K ready. I'd also like to be able to use things like iPlayer, YouTube etc on it. Preferably some sort of DVB-S2 and Android TV combo if those exist? HDD DVR is optional as I would like to be able to point the DVR to my Synology NAS if possible?

An Enigma box is fine if not, but ideally I'd like to consolidate devices and have something family friendly. I saw a Zgemma (is that the right name?) H10 box which is due out soon that may fit the bill?

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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The Freesat Arris box should be a straight swap with a Sky Q LNB and covers most of your requirements. See the Arris thread for potential issues though.

The others you list are not Freesat boxes but may be able to use a Freesat type EPG with some additions and work and maybe an LNB change.
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The Arris machine is the only one for Freesat, as you’ll see from the many postings about it.
There are any number of machines to receive the channels that are on Freesat but they require a non-Q LNB.


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There is only the one freesat box range Get Freesat | Freesat and they work with the wideband $ky Q dual cable input.

I think you can get suitable DVB-S/S2 tuners with wideband ($ky Q) lnb compatibility. But Enigma style boxes need research on their own user forums and may not be as family user friendly as you might hope? Although much more versatile.


Be aware that the Arris Freesat box has a fairly fundamental bug - it always outputs HDR, even when playing SDR content. So you're better off disabling HDR on the input it's connected to and using the TV's built in apps.
Also, there's no C4HD on Freesat and switching from non-Freesat to Freesat mode on the new box requires a full rescan of all channels.


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Thanks all for the very useful info. The Arris box looks good but i'm not keen on the bugs, though it seems it does handle HDR and HD audio formats?

I'd still need a separate device for Android TV I guess. If the Arris comes up on Black Friday I might go for it, though if an Enigma combo box fits the bill I may go down that road.

I'm in Ireland so Freeview is no use to me unfortunately. Hence the Freesat interest. Otherwise i'd be all over the new Humax Aura box.


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Looked long and hard at both the Arris box and going down the Enigma 2 road again.

Decided to buy the Arris. It's going to hopefully be far more family friendly. Also the range of channels on FTA vs Freesat imho is negligible. Be honest, how many of those channels does anyone really watch? Can't personally say I have watched any, with the exception of Freesports HD (which I have to manually tune in Sky Q and will have to with the Arris from time to time), during my time as a Sky Q customer.

Purchased the 2TB recorder box today from Hughes Direct on eBay using a 20% off code so got it for £231.99 shipped instead of £289.99. Happy days...hopefully...

Thanks again for the info all. :smashin:

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