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I am trying to fathom the best way forward for my CD player.

I have an old Micromega Leader player playing through Cyrus Pre and Smart Power Amp and Castle floor standing speakers.

I want a noticeable improvment and as my CD player is by far the oldest piece of kit this seemed the logical place. However, I borrowed a £850 Arcam Cd player from a local dealer and there was a slight improvment but nothing to write home about.

I have had a look through the threads here and the Eastern Sound 5E sounds really interesting. IS is as good as people have suggested i.e. better than £2500 plus players - anyone in the uk had any experience of importing one?

Or was thinking about using the player as a transport and buying a new DAC.

Got a budget of about £1000 and am open to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance:hiya:


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Like you I am looking/listening? for a CDP upgrade. My Marantz 4000 series is now about 10 years old but so far I haven't heard anything that gives me a huge improvement -even an Arcam. My feeling is that you might have to look at spending more than 1000 pounds to get an significant improvement.

I am not familiar with Micromega players but forum comments - not just reviewers - make very favourable comments about these players. The recent reviewer of Arcam's new CD 36 player (costing 1500 pounds plus) - after giving it thorough workout - said he was not tempted and would be sticking with his ....Micromega for the time being.

Maybe it is time to review/audition Micromega's more recent models. We all know that technology moves on but can YOUR ears tell the difference. That is the test.



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I recently imported a signature edition of the E5 from cattylink and can say it is absolutley outstanding value at around £500 depending on exchange rate. See thread on this here

I was upgrading from an Arcam Alpha 8SE and was looking for more clarity from my CD's. A few people suggested DAC's as opposed to a new player and I thought about this very carefully and also looked at a Shanling CDT80 which I demo'ed at a local dealer. The Shanling was very good but I didn't think it was as good as the Arcam CD33, which I was also tempted by.

After everything I had read about the Esound I thought I'd give it a go as I had nothing to loose, thinking I would get my money back on resale if I didn't like it. I was gobsmacked at the extra clarity and extended base it brought to my collection, the Esound is considerably better than the Alpha 8SE and the CD33 IMHO and well worth the £500.

However a word of caution on the E5, it is a fantastically revealing CDP, so much so that badly produced / engineered or clipped / compressed CD's are shown up for exactly what they are - crap recordings. You will undoubtedly find CD's within your collection that just cannot be played and enjoyed on it. You might find you end up keeping your existing player alongside it - that's what I have had to do - at least so far anyway.

Try a search in the seperates forum for Esound as well Eastsound and you'll find a few more threads talking about exactly this. Having said that, I am still very happy with it and wouldn't swap it for any of the others I was considering.

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