Suggestions for reasonably-cheap-but-reasonably-good XLR splitter adapter/cable...?


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One of the things I keep meaning to get round to doing is experimenting with bi-amping. To achieve this I would need to take the output from one channel of my Bryston SP1.7 and feed it into two separate inputs of my Bryston 9B-ST (or 4B-ST) amplifier. To do that I'm going to need a "Y" or "splitter" cable, or perhaps just a splitter adapter into which two single cables can be plugged.

Looking for something in the "definite step up from bog-standard but not outrageously expensive" category. :)

Joe Fernand

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VanDamme Blue Series 1m will be around £42.00 and I guess a call to Mark Grant may not go amiss for a custom price using Belden.

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