Suggestions for Freeview setup please.


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Suggestions for Freeview setup please.
I'm ditching Sky and going for Freeview using a Humax recordable box. I have three TVs in the house (one with the Humax box) and I need some advice on what the best aerial/amplifier combination to buy.
The aerial that's on the roof has been up there for a lot of years so I'll want to change that with some new cable. I'm going to do the install myself and I need some kind of strength meter to see what I'm getting at the aerial plug that's on the wall behind the TV in the living room so perhaps someone can point me in the direction of such a device.
Just one more thing! Every morning the local magpie population like to play their games all over my aerial. How can I deter them from using my aerial as a blasted trapeze. Thanks in advance. S


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Most TVs will give you an idea of signal strength via the tuning menu, so there's no need to buy any special equipment just yet.

If your current aerial is connected to the lounge aerial outlet, why not try connecting your TV and see if you can receive any channels and what their signal strengths are, for starters ?


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^^^^ Wot he said.

Read up all this website's Knowledge Base - starting with the Planning Your Install link Home Page - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials

For accurate advice we'll need location for predictions of transmitter / interference from others and guesstimation of signal strength available. Nearby postcode of a shop, school, pub etc.,. is usually close enough.
Plus a photo of the existing aerial, via a telephoto lens if possible.

Only use all-copper coaxial cable (satellite grade) WF100, PF100, TX100 etc,. if you need to install new/extra stuff.

Check that Freeview will give you all the TV channels you want, smaller relay transmitters are limited cf the 81 (or so) main transmitter sites.

Freesat is an alternative and can be made to work with using the $ky dish. The latest box may be needed if you've had $ky Q?

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