Suggestions for combined network streamer and Blu Ray?


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I'm looking for a Blu Ray player that I can also use to play video from my ReadyNAS Duo via Ethernet. I'm not looking for anything too fancy or expensive but would like something that is well made and will last. I've had good experiences with Panasonic in the past so would tend towards that.

As you'd expect, the video on the NAS is in a variety of formats including .ts files that I've exported from my Humax FreeSat box. I'm not too sure what these files actually are; I know they're Transport Stream and the video is some kind of MPEG but does that mean any player that handles MPEG will play .ts or is there something else I need to look for?

All insight or suggestion is most appreciated!


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I think that dune smart B1 can read ts even including subtitles. The b1 is a very good media player and includes a bluray disc player.


Agree - the Dune Smart B1 at around £225 is a very good media player and BluRay player combined.
The likes of the Panasonic, Sony etc BDP's will only have very limited media playing abilities and only via DLNA. This means you need to install a DLNA server program on your NAS or have the PC running it. DLNA also has limited media support and can't play full DVD/BD disc ISO rips and definately not support for the disc menu. The Dune players can use DLNA, but more commonly use SMB which is standard MS Windows networking, or even NFS which is similar. Using SMB/NFS will allow access to all media types as long as the player can handle it, and the Dune handles the vast majority of file types. You can also create a video wall with 3rd party programs such as Zappiti which makes the player much nicer & easier to use.



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including .ts files that I've exported from my Humax FreeSat box.
Just a note of caution on this. If the exported recordings are HD they won't play on any other device due to the encryption. SD should be fine.

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