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Jan 4, 2008
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Being fairly new to the AV game (i.e. proper AV, not just plugging scarts in!) I would be interested to here peoples suggestions on the best way to set up my new system. I currently have:
  • Hitachi 42PD5200H (the one that supports 720/50p & 1080i via DVI) - 1 x DVI Port, 1 x SCART Port, 2 x Switchable AV ports (Component or Composite)
  • Philips HTS3100 DVD / Surround Sound System (1 x SCART, 1 x Phono Aux in)
  • Sky HD (1 x HDMI, 1 x Component, 2 x SCART for VCR / TV and 1 x Phono Audio out)
  • Nintendo Wii (standard Wii connection)
My thinking is to connect the Plasma to Sky HD with HDMI/DVI cable, the Philips DVD with SCART to Component and the Nintendo Wii via composite. The DVD player is fairly cheap one but I think I can connect the SkyHD to this with 2 phono leads and get Dolby ProLogic.

One of my biggest dilemas is how much do I pay for the cables as I need to extend them all to approx 3m. There are so many out there ranging hugely in price and I am sceptical to what difference the cable makes? Is it worth spending the extra, or is it all a big con!

Any suggestions / recommendations about the above would be much appreciated.

i'd leave the dvd on a scart (just plugging it in!) set to RGB if supported wouldn't bother with the component idea. i'd then replace the wii lead with the component version
Ditto on the above. SCART to component cables don't work unless your source outputs YpBpR via SCART and the Topfield PVR is the only device I know of that does that. The wii component cable (I read on another thread yesterday that the joytech version is ok) is also worth considering as composite video is pants. I would connect the TV to the surround sound system though as the best you will get is DPL and as it only has 1 analogue inputs, you might as well connect the TV so you get s/s from every source rather than just sky.
Fully agree check DVD is set to RGB and 16:9, WII to Component. Composite is just the pits of connections.
Change that all-in-one for a proper sound system with optical 5.1 inputs, as with nearly every all-in-one the connectivity is absolute rubbish.

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