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Sep 10, 2007
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I'm looking for a bit of advise on buying a second hand amp.

I've got a Sony STR-DE475 which seems to have packed up after about 5 years or so, just as I've bought a new Samsung LE52M87BDX LCD, PS3 & a Sky HD box.

I've been happy with it as it was DD 5.1 & it was the only piece of equipment I wasn't looking to upgrade & sods law it packs up.

So as you can imagine I'm now skint but can't enjoy my new gear without surround sound so I'm looking for a second hand amp to replace it.

I was thinking about the Sony STR-DB940 as I've seen them on ebay quite cheap (under £100).

What I was thinking though, is one of these going to pack up just the same as I think they are around the same age?

Also what is the benefit of a HDMI amp when you can just use the optical cables?

I don't know a lot about amps these days as it was over 5 years since I looked into them to buy one.
Also what is the benefit of a HDMI amp when you can just use the optical cables?

The HDMI connections on some amps will allow a) the amp to control/switch the video signal as well as the sound - handy if you're TV is limited on HDMI inputs and b) will allow you to get HD sound formats from PS3 and HD DVD players. If you are happy with Dolby Digital and given your suggested budget and you are looking to get second hand, I wouldn't worry about it.
I couldn't help myself & just ordered the Sony STR-DG910.

After all the chat about TRUE HD & DD+ I couldn't resist :D

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