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Hi there, recently came into a pair Kef IQ5SEs that I have set up in my room. Really would like them to be connected to my TV for mainly for music but also potentially for films. Was hoping to get one for fairly cheap (sub £150 ish although if I saw the perfect one I might consider paying more) and not looking to expand beyond these 2 speakers. Would like it to be as small/slim as possible to fit on my desk. I have looked around but really not sure what I'm looking for or what sort of wattage amp I should be going for here, if anyone could narrow it down or explain it to me that'd be great as there's lot of confusing information out there.

System info on the back of the speakers says:
8 ohm

Assuming I'd be wiring these into the back of an amp separately, which makes them wired in parallel, this would become a 4ohm impedance on the amp so i need to look for one that works in that range? The wattage range however, is throwing me off.

Any help or feedback appreciated thanks.


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Ignore everything about watts and ohms. It doesn’t matter.

And also ignore the bi-wiring nonsense. That doesn’t do anything.

So, unless you’re going to have two amps and use them to bi-amp the Kefs, just use one run of speaker cable into the speakers keeping the link wires in place.

A budget would be useful for amp suggestions.

And... very good speakers; I’m certain you’ll enjoy them.

Aha... I noticed the budget on a second read...:smashin:


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It’s a tight budget for those speakers, but good stuff may still be done.

Any of the above will do a good job for your budget.


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However, if you can stretch the budget, and get this fellow to sell for a more reasonable price, then this is all the amp you’ll need.



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Great suggestions from Paul7777x

The A75 plus version is better than the non plus version.

All you need is any amp capable of driving those speakers, so most amps and a separate DAC. A cheap £15-20 ebay job will do the job.

Assuming your TV has digital out, youll need a DAC or an amp with built in DAC such as Marantz PM6006 or one of the Yamaha offerings. You might be lucky and pick up a PM6005 or PM6006 for around £150. The PM6006 uk edition would most likely be over budget because people sell them for very close to rrp.

An av receiver which would have built in DAC/digital inputs would be adequate for TV/films in 2 channel/stereo mode but won't be very good for stereo music duties if its a budget model.

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