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Question Suggestions for a blank canvas.


Standard Member
Hi Folks,

I'm currently in the process of re-wiring my house and as such I am installing at minimum 2x Cat7a (centrally run to a small 8u rack) cables per room. While home automation is an end goal the main aim for this post is to get suggestions from you guys for things to consider etc.

Some aims / objectives.

Centrally house as much of the equipment as possible to keep noise down
Hide as many cables as possible (floor grommets) / tracked walls
Logitech Harmony is the current remote 'standard'
IP CCTV will be configured and would good to be able to view on all TV's (IPTV multicast etc)
Reduce the number of different remotes and simplify things
View all things in all rooms and controlled from the remote within the room.

Room 1 - Living Room (2x 2CAT7a)
TV with Virgin Media Tivo
Onkyo HDMI Receiver, 4.1 speaker system
Blueray Player
HTPC with USB Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Router (where the VM cable terminates)

Room 2 - Lounge (2x 2CAT7a)
TV with Virgin Media Tivo
Wireless AP

Room 3 - Bedroom (1x 2CAT7a)
TV with Virgin Media Tivo

Room 4 - Study (Rack location)
TV (no Virgin Media Tivo) - no TV Aerial either
PC & Laptop dock.
VMware ESXi running Media Server / CCTV Server / PoE Switch Location etc.

Other rooms (1x 2CAT7a) / doors I was planning on running a CAT6 cable to each door for sensors / doorbell etc.

If anyone has any suggestions of things to think of from previous experience please shout!


Joe Fernand

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AVForums Sponsor
Not much time for a proper reply but use CAT6 not CAT7 for your AV requirements - some would say all requirements.



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Hi @Joe Fernand - do you have a little more time to explain why CAT6a is better to use than CAT7a for AV?

Does the additional shielding cause issues or make it harder to run the cable?

I am currently putting together a spec and duplex CAT7a to two points per room is the plan.

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
Difficult to install, difficult to terminate, costly to deploy and 'compatible' with very little kit you are likely to be deploying - Loxone are about the only manufacturer I see recommending CAT7.

UTP, solid core CAT6 plus some empty conduit and or 'dark' Fibre is what I'd be specifying.


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