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suggestions for a beginner reciever please


Novice Member
Hi guys, so I've recently picked up a 2016 4k oled tv, and I'm looking to also upgrade my sound system from my old logitech z5500's.

I wanted some suggestions for a first time buyer of a receiver, and higher end speakers. First off I wanted to say, my room is very small, about 140sq feet. I feel like 3.1 will be enough, and I've kind of got my eyes set on that, including picking up a pair of KEF Q150's, and a 650c. Not sure about the sub, but I've been told KEF products will work fine together regardless of year.

Is what I've suggested for myself so far sound good? The actual question I wanted answered was this: what receiver should I look into getting? So far I was looking into either the Denon-AVR X2300W, and an Oppo BDP-203. I plan on watching a lot of 4k blurays and listening to music occasionally.


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Denon 2300 is a great start. Panasonic ub400 or ub700 are better value players though and also are supposedly better for films than the oppo.

What are the actually dimensions of your room. 140sq feet could be 14x10 which would easily be big enough for a 5.1, 7.1 or even a 5.1.2 system


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I'll second the Denon X2300W, I'm a complete novice and just upgraded from a cheap Samsung 5.1 system, setting up the Denon was hassle free and sounds great, although it did give me to bug and ended up spending more than I would have liked on new speakers :D


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Hi @d2girls

I'm guessing that your 2016 4k OLED TV supports Dolby Vision. Is that the case?

If so and you want to buy a player with Dolby Vision capability there only appear to be 3 options at the present time. The Oppo 203, the Oppo 205 and the LG UP970. Out of the three of those I would probably recommend the Oppo as it seems like there may be build quality issues with the LG. If you are not too fussed about being an early adopter with regards to DV then the Panasonic's that MB mentions are certainly better value.

[Edit: I'd also recommend the Denon X2300W. Best receiver for the money IMO. However worth listening to something by Yamaha as well. Possibly Sony too. Each has their own way of presenting the audio to you and you may prefer one brand over another. Feature wise they will tend to be similar so get the one that sounds the best to you.]

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