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Hi. Sorry, just dipping my toes into 4K scene having just gotten a 4K tv. My previous TV was a cheap 1080p screen and I was using a Raspberry Pi 2 (model B) with it. I installed Kodi/LibreElec on it and it's happily been playing my 1080p content to my TV. However, I understand that the Pi cannot play 4K content so I was wondering if there was another media player device that could play 4K content from a network location. I have a wired 1 gig network link to my NAS so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. Ideally, the device still uses Kodi (as I'm most familiar with that interface). Are there any reliable but cheap solutions?

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Try the Vero 4K. They’ve just realised an updated model. It’s Kodi based and there is an active thread in this forum.


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Wow, good shout. I've just had a quick read of the device and ordered the new 4k+ model. Seems decent. Can't wait to get it and have it setup :-D

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