Suggest some good DVD's to take when I demo an Optoma DV10!!!


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Hi everyone (hello again to all the guys who’ve looked in on my previous threads).

I’ve made the decision to demo the Optoma DV10 – to recap quickly, it suits my needs perfectly ie needs to be short throw, not permanently mounted, and is only required for predominantly DVD’s and occasionally freeview (I won’t have any HD material for a long time ).

Basically, what I’m looking for are a good selection of DVD’s to take along to the demo with me to try and test the projector in as many ways as possible ie don’t want to take just animated Pixar films as these look fab on anything!!!

My initial thoughts are that I need to take a number of older and newer ‘dark’ movies to test for shadow detail, contrast and dot crawl (I believe this is a common DLP problem). My initial thoughts are:

Aliens – one of my favourites and also quite old and grainy.

Goodfellas – specifically the scene where Ray Liotta enters the night club with Lorraine Bracco through the kitchens. On a (standard definition) LG plasma I owned briefly 18 months ago, when they entered the club, the plasma was a complete mess and showed just a mass of red and black dots crawling everywhere. I’ll be interested to see how the DLP copes.

Alien vs Predator & Batman Begins. Both examples of newer dark films with stunning transfers.

Opening scenes of Revenge of the Sith – just because it looks cool!! Plus maybe one of the original films as a comparison.

Gladiator & one of the Lord of the Rings films – just because they are pretty much my favourite films of all time.

The Bourne Supremacy & Matrix Revolutions – 2 examples of fast moving action films.

Hulk & King Kong – in my opinion 2 of the best DVD transfers I’ve ever seen.

The Incredibles – because it’s obligatory to test at least one of these films!!!!

Also going to burn a quick montage of various freeview recordings (including some sport) onto DVD just to see how that ‘blows up’.

I think the above should prove a good test of the picture and motion handling abilities of the DV10. I’d love to hear anybody’s suggestions as to what they consider good discs to use at a demo – there’s a decent chance that I may have them in my collection. There is also the thorny issue of Rainbows!!! I really really don’t want to see them, but if I’m going to, I’d prefer it to be during the demo rather than when I get back home. Is there a good way to test for them – should I try darting my eyes around the screen, or can anyone suggest any particular films which are known to induce them?

Sorry for the long thread – any thoughts are much appreciated!!


Recommend you take 5th element. Jowetts have the full HD version on their HTPC, so you can get a good idea how much better HD really is, over standard DVD. In particular, when Leeloo jumps from the building is so 3D (on HD72i for instance), it's breathtaking. The DVD version is good too, but HD is just WOW. I know you won't be viewing HD for some time, but it's worth seeing what all the fuss is about!

As you say though, anything with high contrast will really show off DLP.

Re: Rainbows - if you really WANT to see them, get Jowetts to show you a monochrome test pattern (from DVE, for instance). Then move your eyes rapidly across the screen. You'll definitely see them then! I sometimes get a glimpse (really minor) on moving monochrome credits - I only see them in peripheral vision (when not looking directly at the screen). But then, I really do not class myself (thankfully) as being particularly susceptible to RBE. :)

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another good test for rainbows , is any of the opening scrolling text on all the starwars movies , the problem with revenge of the sith opening scene , for some reason it seems to look great on most projectors , so its not a fantastic tester on that scene , the scenes just after they have landed the ship , seem to show a projector up a little more , such as the view of the city and especially in the distant shots , such as anakin and obi wan walking through the corridors.

Both times i have visited roy jowetts , Ben as always been great , with a completely no rush attuitude coupled with great prices , which is often two things that don't go together , you find at most places its either one or the other .


You're right about the attitude at Jowett's. Surprisingly no hard sell involved. I dealt with Sean, who at one point showed me how to use the gyro mouse for the HTPC and walked away for a good 20 minutes so I could have a play. It really is an impressive store. I guess they know that these things tend to sell themselves if you are allowed to browse at your leisure. The lack of sales hassle is similar to Harrods (!) - I once took my 10 year old (at the time) for a look around the place, and he sat himself at a very expensive Steinway Grand piano. The sales people watched from afar as he played some simple pieces, but we were never hassled. Compare and contrast Jowetts with Currys (yuk). I had to almost beg to buy the pj, they are that laid back!
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