Question Suggest on headphones or earbuds ?


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Hi I need a little help if someone could help,

I've broken my wired headphones again and would like to replace it with something better, im not sure what to get, I mainly use my head phone with my PC for a good few hours (6-14 hour) I also use them with my phone.

my main issues is I tend to tug or drop them and dropping them ending up either damaging the cable, cups or frame.

for this reason, and the fact all new phones dont have a jack, I was considering wireless maybe something like samsung buds, beans, or wireless headphone

It would be good if they had a mic feature like the been so I could take calls and use them on my pc for gaming and zoom, skype ect

but may end up going for wired again

I've had some creative ones in the past and did not like them much, 1st the cups were small on ear which caused some pain after a short time, not very solid and fiddly.

My max budget is around £50 because they dont tend to last long in my hands

Any help is welcome


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With modern smartphones it only requires a USB C to 3.5mm adaptor so can still use wired

Whilst no cable connector to damage I do not think wireless would necessarily survive repeated drops on the floor

You could look at ear hook or neckband exercise style for more reassurance they will not fall on the floor but I do not see exercise headphones as suitable for gaming use

I've got ten years old £20 headphones in the drawer that still work. Not all about more money = better build quality


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Hi thanks for the reply,
My main use is for the headphone is not a phone but pc,
my issue is not when im using them with my phone its when im using them with my pc, the could get pulled when I move my chair, tangled something, nocked over when left on the desk ect
thats the one of the reasons im considering wireless, the other is to use with a phone


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Perhaps clear a space and try a headphone stand? Use the stand when taking off / not using the headphones ☺️

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